Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm Alive!

Yes, while I've been silent, I am alive! I finished my first full week at the new job. I'm thrilled to say that I LOVE IT! It's an amazing company with amazing people. It also has an amazing city view from the parking lot! I love the commute. I love feeling smart again. I love that my entire body feels like it's been run over and I've dropped 4 lbs. just from going back to retail! Those are the pros. The cons are that I'm new. I love to be an expert and the whole "trusting the process" rather than getting all of my training in an 8 hour day (like I would like) is annoying. I hate not feeling smart! I also have worked a ton of hours. That's it! It was a great first week!

I still haven't gone to take "after" pictures of my big design project I wanted to unveil. I've been working like crazy, and the homeowners had to take an unexpected road trip. Therefore, my design blog has no design content! 

I am renaming my window blind post because the number of creepy googles about how much people want people to see them naked is alarming me. That's just not really my target audience and I'd rather they find a more appropriate blog, rather than my boring (fully clothed) one! This experience has made me really think twice about my googles. Everything you type into that search bar goes to the website you open because of those results. I don't know about you, but 70% of the knowledge I've gained since college has been because of google. I google a lot of random stuff!

I got a speeding ticket for going 30 over the speed limit several weeks ago. I haven't gotten a ticket in YEARS, and of course got one just days after my accident while driving my fresh rental car. I wasn't even paying attention and was cruising right along. I've been driving like a slow old woman since and about 12 times a day I worry about what consequences I face! Ugh. 

I want to reorganize my pantry, refrigerator, and closets. If you're into creating order you'll love those posts! If you want to know how to paint something you'll have to give me a little time while I find a few more walls (although I'm trying to resist the urge to redo my guest bedroom "just because"). 

That's all that's really new with me! When I haven't been working I've been sleeping, attempting to ready myself for a 5k I have next month, and having a social life! So, let me leave you with this week's favorite Pinterest-found quotes:

Make sure that every conversation that you have with someone that matters to you leaves nothing unsaid. You never know when it will be your last. Something about doing that helps me sleep great at night with everything off my chest :)

Until next time!

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