Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Journey...

Oh Pinterest I love the quotes and graphics you introduce me to!
Mid-week last week my journey became a lot more fun... I finished up at the school and won't be starting with the new top secret retailer until the 16th. I have a little EJ time!
And Zulu time...
We started running again... Ugh!

I got proof that my gardening strategy worked!
The only problem is that somehow only yellow tulips are growing on the left and red on the right!
 I started eating healthier:
I don't like yogurt and tried these guys from Pinterest. Pretty good and a lot like Dippin' Dots for way less calories! 
My daddio had a birthday:

The 3 generations of women in my family proved that genetics run deep enough to influence what color you show up to Easter wearing! 

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