Monday, April 2, 2012

All I Need is Furniture

I know I just revealed my square project to you. Anytime I go near paint it unleashes this inner-paint lover/crazy person! Only painting squares in the basement wasn't enough for me! 

I had found love. This paint sample captured my heart:
This post had me inspired:
You remember my empty basement: 
I decided to add a splash of color and do something bold to this wall. The room is so long that I was hoping darkening this wall would make it seem smaller and less rectangular: 
I filmed a cool time-lapse video of me painting the whole thing but it's ten minutes long and I can't even manage to sit through it and think it's cruel to ask you to! So... let's just hop into the after pictures!  
 This is the color up close. It looks so navy blue in all of the pics. It's very aqua. This is my aqua pillow against it to try to prove my point:
 See the big black frame on the left? That's the other free frame I got from my former job. It's still got the school's artwork in it. I'm shopping around for something new:
I'm thinking about this one but I'm so cheap that I can't get past the thinking phase:
Doesn't everything just pop now? The black mirrors are from Ikea. They've been green and white already. I'm not sure if I should change up their color again...

I'm still waiting for a bookshelf, or high top table. I also want to hang the mirror that used to live in the dining room somewhere in this area:  
 This is the best shot of the actual color that I can come up with:

Now all that I need is furniture...

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  1. Looks perfect! I love it. Great choice of colors.


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