Friday, July 13, 2012

Unexpected Memories

I have a MacBook in addition to my work laptop, iPad, and iPhone. Since the iPad and other laptop came into my life I don't use my old MacBook for much since it's gotten pretty slow. I did use PhotoBooth recently though for the first time in a couple of years. When I opened it up I saw all of these pictures I have no memory of taking! It's no surprise to anyone that I LOVE pictures! Here are a couple and the memories they brought back:

Apparently Zulu stepped on something to take this one or I was fake sleeping and took it? No memory. What I do remember was this night. 
 This was taken in my guest room before it was anything. 
 Zulu and I went over to the house with extra blankets, her bed, Cheerios, instant coffee, and stuff to rip up the carpet

 I did all of this that night. 
 The next day I pulled out patio furniture, coffee, and Cheerios and had breakfast in my living room.
 Then I went back upstairs and painted the floors
 While Z put herself back to bed

It was fun to find a picture of our first night here at the house. It wasn't scary at all and somehow I managed to get 9 hours of sleep in a strange bedroom on the floor! 

I found this one too. Check out the brown straight hair? I kinda like it!
And this one. When I have a really really long day I get undressed, put on that fluffy robe, and have a snack on the couch. I remember this day I discovered Zulu loved ice cream too! 

This post has really no point... But I love random memories and being surprised when I find them! 

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