Sunday, July 1, 2012

Independence Day Awesomeness

My soldier brother is in town this Independence Day! I'm so excited to have all of my brothers together with my parents! I'm hosting the second annual family party at my house (I have a killer view of the fireworks from my back yard) this week. I started prepping yesterday. I started off by making cake pops minus the pop. :) Want to know how to make some yourself? 

First I used this recipe/tutorial and adapted it. If you like to get really messy and make yours chocolatey go there. If you like Starbucks birthday cake cake pops stay here! These are SUPER CLOSE! 

Buy a cake mix of your choice. I bought classic yellow. Mix and prepare it as normal. Line your baking pan with tin foil that you've sprayed with cooking spray. 
Delight in the fact that Eggland's Best also happens to share the same initials as you :)
Cook the cake just like normal:
Here's where the tutorial link and I differ. I don't like to get all messy. I have a Kitchenaid. I'm special like that! Here's a screenshot I took of when her blog got a little too messy for me! 
I, on the other hand, dumped the cake into the mixer and busted out my frosting. I used classic white. Put about 1/2 of the frosting in with your cake and mix it up. 

Once it's all mixed up you can use a mellon baller to scoop out the right size of batter to roll with your hands (still messy but not as  bad) onto a foil lined baking sheet. 
Put them in the freezer to firm them up. They're good to go after about 15 min. 
Then get ready to decorate! I used almond bark instead of candy melts. You can use either. If you tint it use the gel instead of liquid food coloring or the bark will harden too quickly. I thought I would, but kept mine white instead. 
Heat a few at a time so that it doesn't harden up. If it does and reheating doesn't help, add a little shortening to soften it up again. I used a spoon to roll the ball through the almond bark. It came out smoother than a bunch of other things I tried. I imagine it's easier if you use a stick. 
And, Here's the completed product!

I also wanted to make a quick drink that would be great in hot weather. I bought two packets of Kool-Aid that seemed like they'd be good together, and some ginger ale. 

The colors spread as the cubes melt and taste delicious! 
Happy 4th everyone! 

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