Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Sign of the Times

My fourth of July party went well! Seeing my whole family together again was amazing! I work for an amazing company that let me take a little time off to spend with everyone while my favorite army man was in town. We did touristy stuff downtown and just enjoyed each other. 

This is a shot of me with my amazing brothers on my deck on the 4th. As you can see I got the lattice painted! I frantically tried to get as much as possible done before the party. The grill in the background was bought 2 nights before and was assembled very shortly before the big day!
 But here's the thing... The lattice is painted here. 
 But you can clearly tell where I ran out of time to do a second coat here. 
 And that I am too busy with other stuff to finish it...
 When have I ever left a painting project hanging? 

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