Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stitch Fix #4

I took the plunge again! Stitch Fix is like an addiction. I got fix #4 yesterday. I had to work at 12:00 and waited around all morning for it to show up. As I was walking out the door UPS knocked. Of course...

I tore the tape off of the box, but then realized I'd be late for work if I hung around to look at what was inside. Last night I finally opened up the box, but was too tired to do a try on. Finally today I got to get my hands on it! Here's how it went.

First thing is I'm disappointed. Really disappointed. This fix felt different than the ones in the past. I know the company is growing a lot. You can feel it. 

The box was branded and so was the card.

That was cool and cute and everything.

There wasn't a free little gift. 
Ok. A little less personal, but I have Chapstick, a coaster, etc. I'll survive. Then I opened up the card.
My previous stylist, Margaret, had taken time to write me a personal message that showed she'd read what I'd written/requested. Actually, even the times when I hadn't requested anything there'd been a nice note. This time- Nothing. 

I'm a greeting card kind of girl. Ask the people in my life. I love that personal stuff. So this fix just seemed so commercial and impersonal. Then the prices. The prices this time were overall much higher. So, all of those things made me evaluate if this is going to be a regular thing in my life. So sad...

On to the good. While Miranda didn't say a word to me in her letter and charged me an arm and a leg, she did listen to my request "please send me lots of tops and an accessory or two. I love the tops on your blog/instagram lately." I got two things I'd been drooling over from those social media outlets. So, time for show and tell.

Item #1- Tea N Rose Cardigan $48

Item #2- Sis Sis Metallic Sweater $48

Item #3- Collective Concepts Dot Stripe Blouse $68

Item #4- MM Couture Dot Blouse $78
 With this scary warning. I'm only allowed to wear this one when smelly and unaccessorized I guess 

Item #5- Geranium Lacework Bar Necklace $38

 With my favorite ever stitch fix shirt! 

So, what did I keep? No clue. What I want to keep is #1, 2, 4, & 5. #3 makes me feel like I'm wearing  a scrub top. Just not super flattering and I think that pattern will get old really fast. But, seriously this fix was expensive. It'll be in my best interest to keep all of it to get the 25% off vs. just keeping 2 things. I love #1 & #4 the most. But if I keep those two it's already $106. For $90 more I get 2 more things I love and 1 I like. I'm so unsure of what to do next! 

What would you do? Has anyone else noticed a shift in Stitch Fix or did I just get a bad batch?

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