Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Barn Wood Play

You may remember that I scored some barn wood frames at a garage sale. I had big plans for them, but was lazy about refinishing them, given that I knew what refinishing barn wood entailed

I decided I didn't want the entire frame to be the photo and that I wanted a really thick mat. I wanted a black one to tie in my living room. Rustic like the barrel and modern like the coffee table and tv console. I found these sign it mats at Michaels that were just perfect. 
Today I had an extra day off and decided to make it happen. Right before I got started I remembered that it's never safe to use an electric sander near a furnace and water heater. 
I finally settled on the downstairs bath as my sanding headquarters. I wanted a small contained space that I could close up to keep the dust to a minimum. 
Good thing! It is so messy sanding that stuff! It's also really important to wear eye protectant and a mask. 
(This is from my last time working on barn wood!)

Look at the inside of that mask. Yuck!
This is the amount of debris that comes from 4 simple frames! 
After that I brought them back into the furnace room and gave them all a coat of Howard's Feed and Wax. 
As I was about to go upstairs I decided to flip the bottle around and read the warnings. Turns out that that is also highly combustable. Whoops!
After several coats I left them to try for a few hours
And then gave them 2 coats of polyacrylic to make them good and shiny. 
After that was all done I attached the mat to the back of the frame (there is no glass or opening to slide things in). There was a great debate between black and white.
 White won and the black frames went back.
Then I attached my picture: 
And I put them back up on the wall!
Check it out:
 I love that they're kind of fun-houseish (how is that for invented words!) and not completely square.

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