Monday, February 18, 2013

Random Things in EJ's Life

The barn wood table is still holding up amazingly well and my parents are adorable. Oh and this recipe was a major hit and crazy easy when I made it for my little dinner party of 4.

My dog hates sitting like a person, but she is SO cute. I'm also taking a little break from curly hair. Oh how I wish my hair was naturally this blonde...

I finally got my new light fixture from here. It took me FOREVER to find one I liked. Now I just need to beg my dad to put it up for me! It's the same grey as the kitchen and upstairs bathroom walls!

I'm digging these quotes:
I live in the burbs and have a fairly easy commute in to the city. Despite this, I see a fatality a month. Tonight was a crazy scary car fire with nobody on the scene yet. Too many people die young. I don't want to take this life for granted. 
I really don't want to waste this life of mine.

On a much less serious note... I will never get enough of this video. It makes me laugh so much!

I'm in the market for one of these bad boys. I tried to test drive one yesterday but couldn't get anyone in the dealership to look my way. I long for a Pretty Woman moment! I can else give you 112 reasons why you shouldn't buy a Kia Forte if you're in the market for one (seriously such first world problems!)

My latest Stitch Fix is coming tomorrow!! I made the mistake of liking them on Facebook and Instagram and now I keep seeing fun new things on their site and wishing for them!

That's about it. Happy Monday to all!

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