Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Are Those Knobs Doing?

The top traffic driver to my blog these days is my post here about how to paint door knobs. I did this back in June and I've had a lot of people ask me how they've held up. 

Some are doing better than others.

This is the knob to my pantry (I reattached it a little lower and have been too lazy to paint the rest of the door that's now exposed. Don't judge me. I have MRSA!). I like to eat, and because of that I'm in and out of the pantry a few times a day. There's just a couple of little dings out of the silver paint. Overall it's not too bad though.

My front door knob was painted just over a month ago in this post. This is the most disappointing result. I used the lock the next day, and my brothers used it several times within a few days of it being done and were probably harder on it than I am because they didn't know it was freshly painted. But still, it's really chipped and already needs to be touched up ASAP. I'll probably use the side door for at least a week to improve my chances of it turning out better this time around. 

This is the one doing the worst. It's also the most used in the house. This is the knob to my front hall closet. This is what it usually looks like. I hang everything on this knob for some reason. Then I open the door with stuff hanging off of it. It's not fared so well. Also the catchy thing on the left isn't doing so well either :( 

This is it without anything hanging from it so you can see all of the damage:

And this is a low-traffic knob in my house. I use it about twice a day and it still looks perfect. 

Overall I feel like painting my knobs instead of buying new was still the best solution for me, and will continue to be. Buying a couple of cans of spray paint once a year and spending an afternoon outside painting just makes a lot more sense to me than buying all knew knobs, and hinges, and door catchy things. But I'm one little girl living alone. Now that you've seen the before and after pictures, and you have 7 boys that love to open doors, it might make more sense to replace some knobs in high traffic areas!

I'll have another knob painting post soon (because how fascinating is a post about doorknobs!?). My mom is doing her higher quality knobs an oil-rubbed bronze. I'll show you the difference between her before and after and mine! 

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