Monday, November 21, 2011

Pizza Puffs & Chalkboard Paint

Want a quick home improvement project or a quick appetizer? I've got both for you! The first is a spin on a recipe that I found here
Here are the ingredients. In case it's hard to see something they are:
Parmesan Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese 
Pizza Crust
Pepperoni (Or whatever you want inside)
Olive Oil
Italian Seasoning
First roll out the pizza crust. I'm lazy about this. I rolled it somewhat and then used a pizza cutter to separate it into 17 pieces. If you make them smaller (like you should) you'll get at least 20. 
I used string cheese because it's easier to cut up. I put a pice of cheese and a few pepperonis on each square
Then fold it all in and pinch it into a seam. Place the pizza bite seam side down touching on a cookie sheet or stone. Grease the cookie sheet if you need one. I didn't have to do that since I used a stone. Make all of them touch like buddies. 
Brush them with olive oil
Put italian seasoning on top (I like A LOT)
Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top
Toss them into an oven preheated to 400 degrees for 20 minutes and enjoy! 

Of course while that was happening I also had a mini-project going on elsewhere in the kitchen. I painted my baby brother's (formerly my) coffee table and end tables with chalkboard paint: 
(The only project I think I've ever done that I forgot to take an "after"picture of!)
There was almost the whole can left over after that project and I was dying to chalkboard something. I'd seen tons of projects on Pinterest that I loved using it but ended up trying the paint out on a hidden area in my house:
This is my pantry cabinet. I hate having dishtowels laying all over. I think they look sloppy. I have a hook inside for that, a list of what things can be recycled, my recycle bin, and appliances I use often, but don't want to see. 
There's a hole cut in the back of the cabinet so I can leave them plugged in all the time. If you decide to do the same thing though, make sure you leave the door open when you're making coffee!
Two coats later I had a great chalkboard for my shopping list! When I don't need to write something down it still holds my hand towel too
So there you have it. Two quickie projects with photos taken from my iPhone. Enjoy!

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