Friday, September 20, 2013

The Most Painted Room In My House

You wouldn't believe how many times I've painted my basement bathroom. It's on its fifth paint color since I moved in and it's probably the least visited room in the entire house. 

Here's the good news... It's finally the right color! I thought I'd walk you through its journey. 
This is the bathroom when I saw it for the first time. It was actually the perfect shade of green and I just didn't realize it. It was flat paint and very dingy and desperately needed freshening up. 

 So I brought a "better" green into the bathroom. It came with plumbing issues... Here it is during the repair process. The other green was a way better match for the curtain I hung over the closet. I knew this green had to go for a closer match to the curtain. 
So then I decided to go with blue. I aimed for the same shade as the curtain.  Fortunately, the blue was free during a free Ace paint day. I also got the yellow I painted the closet for free during another Ace paint day. 
 Isn't it just radioactive? It was way too much and my teeth even hurt looking at it. It was way too much. 
 So then I got inspired by these bins:
Except I didn't know if I wanted to go dark grey or something fun. So I used the paint from my guest room and did this:
 Except that looked crazy too. Ugh. Part of my obsession with painting down here is the opportunity to have the excuse to watch seasons of TV shows. The first green was "Revenge." The blue was "Mad Men." These stripes were "Orange is the New Black." All amazing shows by the way! The green was warmer than it looks above. This is probably the closest:
 So, out with the stripes! This was after the first coat of primer and starting "Boardwalk Empire"
 They didn't die easily. This is after the second coat of primer. 
 Then I used the white paint from my bedroom and guest room to cover up all walls but the green one. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the green or go a different color. I just needed the stripes gone!
By the end of season 1 of Boardwalk Empire I had it finished! The entire project was $14. The shelves are new from Ikea's Lack line. The grey was left from painting the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. I'd also used it on the square project. Ohhhh it's just so deep and pretty. I was able to keep the yellow trash can and soap dispenser and the yellow closet. Pretend it's much more organized than it is right now. It will be soon! 
All we need to do is lay the tile... Still!

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