Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm Still Talking About the Wedding...

It's getting real. We're down to less than 80 days now. I got my bridal shower invitation in the mail yesterday. As in MY bridal shower... Is it hard for anyone else to believe that I'm the bride this time around?! After posts like this, this, and this it's hard to deny that I was sure I wasn't going to find the one. And now I get a bridal shower?! It's crazy. 

Speaking of things that came in the mail... I also got my wedding shoes:
They're my "something blue" and one of the prettiest things I've ever owned. 

We're finally getting to be the bride and mother of the bride!
Here we are planning away!

I have no home DIY experiences I'm able to share at the moment. I can't wait to do a post all about planning the wedding, but I want the guests to see it before you do! I just needed to write a quick "holy cow this is MY life" post!

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