Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everything On My Brain

I just synced my iPhone and realized I've got lots of pictures (which tell lots of stories) on there!

I've been having some "me" time since my most recent break up. This is me leaving my massage with a big table crease on my head!

I LOVE my french doors:

 I'm really atrocious at lawn care:

I bought something else from my furniture wish list. This one was taped off in my "Planning for new furniture" post. It's hard to tell what it is from the skinny little box huh? 
Here is the beauty:
Isn't the coffee table lovely? The rug was being cleaned. And the poor old table is by the front door. My baby brother that bought the house took it to live with him. RIP my first piece of furniture!

So that, ladies and gentleman, is what's new in my life. A lot of "me" time. Ugh I hate it. I'm ready for my days to be filled with more than just me!

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