Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Post is Brought to You by the Letters A D & D

I have had 1 ADD project filled day! I thought I'd show you how I mounted photos to a canvas with spray adhesive, made amazing lasagna rolls, and was part of an amazing trade! Curious?

I am OBSESSED with Pintrest these days. I want to show all of my pins to you. But that's linked to my Facebook. My Facebook has a little more info about me than I'm willing to share with strangers around the world! I saw a post on there where someone mounted photos to canvas. I was looking for a solution to improve the sad state my photos were in in my living room. I headed to Michaels and grabbed a bunch of canvases. I found some nice, thin, ones and stocked up!

They had black ones too, but they were thick. And they were more expensive. No thanks! I knew I wanted them black, and didn't want them glossy. I remembered my flat porch and floor paint from the stairs that I had and figured that would work. As I was browsing the paint isle (in my basement) I saw the black spray paint primer I had. I knew that would give my the flat look I was going for and would go on a lot faster and dry a lot faster than the alternative. I also found some glossy hammered black spray paint. I grabbed both and went to work in my studio backyard. 

After laying down some newspaper to keep the lines in my grass to a minimum I went to work!

It was a little breezy out and I grabbed anything heavy I could find to keep the newspaper weighted down!

I only had enough primer to cover my smaller canvases. The edges would show through around the pictures so I used the preferred paint on those. The other three were going to be completely covered by the photo. I only needed the edges black so I used the hammered spray paint on that. While I waited for them to try I had another project (or two) going on inside! I like to cook in an orderly way... Not chaos. Yet, I was working in chaos.

I grabbed a TON of fall stuff to do projects with while I was at Michaels. I was too excited to cook and do projects to put it away. The mixer is holding some of the lasagna ingredients. That's also my bracelet on the counter. When I start cooking I end up throwing off anything in my way. The bracelet was first. My rings quickly followed.

This was my first lasagna noodle cooking experience. Also my first time working with feta cheese. I got this great and easy recipe here:|04-13-2011|

Now here is where I explain the deal I struck up. I am BAD at maintaing my yard. BAD. After trying to cut wet grass and having my lawn mower quit on me multiple times I walked off the job halfway through my front yard. Not my finest moment! My baby brother that moved near by hates to cook. Loves lawn care. I love to cook and hate lawn care... Match made in heaven!!!! Every week I make him a meal and he takes care of my yard. This is a shot of it from today:

It looks great huh? So anyway... The big pan of lasagna rolls is for him. The two loaf pans (yeah I need more cooking stuff. I keep holding out for marriage thinking I'll get to register for stuff) are mine. I popped that in the oven and went outside to learn how to glue the pictures to my now dry canvases.  

This is my test canvas. Pretty nice huh?

So this is the before. I love my shadow pictures and the memories of how they came to be. I wanted them to look the same but hated the glare from the glass/plastic. I also hated that I can't find floating frames anywhere anymore. Some of the plastic is cracking and the clips aren't tight and I can't replace them. It was time for something new. 

I also made my own mattes out of construction paper. They were not perfect (as you can see)!

This one's glass broke. It was a strange size and therefore, it continued to exist glass free. This was all fine and good when I was 22 in my first house. But I'm approaching 30 here and I need something a little less craptastic! After I unhung them all things started looking pretty empty. 

I headed out to my work area and grabbed my spray adhesive and a towel. 

After spraying the back of the picture really good I carefully laid it in the center of my canvas, put the towel on it, and smoothed like crazy (the towel mainly keeps my fingerprints off and any glue on my fingers off of the picture). 

As you can see my fingers are now ringless. I tossed those off in my cooking frenzy!

It was quickly time to take the food out of the oven. And cover it with cheese... YUMMMMMMM. I adore cheese! Did I mention I can cook? If I'm not DIYing something I am cooking to relax. After cheesing the lasagna it was time to hang the pictures. I used little Command adhesive strips. 

Here are the big guys. I love that they look more like they're floating than the floating frames!

Here are the little guys. Not a big change, but to me it was! I got my same great pictures back on the wall but a lot less shiny, with non cracks, no crooked pictures, and no jagged mattes.

Look at how smooth and perfect they look! And how black! You'd never know they were white a few hours earlier!

And, look at how perfect the yard looks! 


  1. Perfect - this is exactly what I plan on doing with some of my prints for an upcoming gallery show (in Elgin!)

  2. Great! Good luck in your show!


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