Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dog Days

I'm coming off of one lazy weekend! I thought I'd show it to you from the eyes of a dog.
Thursday I woke up and went for a run. Then I threw on my Toms and grabbed my heels and left for work. Right before walking in the door to work I switched the shoes out for my professional look and tossed the Toms under my desk for when I was sitting there. My drive home had me switching back out of the heels. When I got home I put on the black flip flops and took miss Zulu for a walk. 

When we got back I built my new coffee table and confirmed my massage for Friday. Then after some hanging out we went to bed:
I was off on Friday. After a long breakfast I went and got my massage. After the massage I headed over to my parents' house to pick up Bailey. Have I talked about Bailey before? She's my brother and sister-in -law's dog. They're deployed to Iraq for a year with the military. Bailey is staying with my parents. I steal her for long weekends because she's the coolest dog I've ever met. My cat begs to differ. 
Once we got back I took Zulu to the vet. When we got home we all went out for a walk:
Or Bailey walked both of us...

She's also one of the laziest dogs ever. When she's not chasing cats and squirrels she's napping. 
Here's the princess after our walk. I hopped in the shower to get the massage oil off of me. When I came out this is where I found her:
Then I went grocery shopping and took Bailey to Petsmart. Zulu is afraid of everything so it was nice to have a dog that was happy to be in there! She was super excited when we got to the toy section. 

On Saturday we slept in and had another long breakfast. After breakfast I put on my running shoes and grabbed my buddy. I got stress fractures in my shin in the fall running and have gained some serious weigh being lazy since then. I'm all heeled and signed up for a 5k around Halloween and it's time for me to get moving again. I got this great app for my phone called Couch to 5K that has been super helpful! By the end of our 2 miles we were both tired! We both walked in the door and chugged water. And rested:
Are you in love with this dog yet? I am! I hopped in the shower.

When I got out it was raining. We ran just in time! I grabbed a book (I'm reading the Confession by John Grisham) and headed out to the screened porch with the hounds. I don't know if I ever showed it to you aside from in my blizzard pics. Here it is:

It's super relaxing. It also doubles as storage for my bike during the summer, since I don't have a garage.

My next big project is to redo the floors out here...

When we were done with that we made a video for my brother and his wife:

Dog days are fun :)

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