Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Quick" Rundown of the Last 6 Months (Full of Pictures)

Things have changed big time in the last six months! I took a long blogging break because I was too busy doing everything you see below! 
  • I painted the antique knobs on my garage sale find buffet to try to update it to match the rest of my style. It's scary painting something older than you!
I love how it turned out! I was afraid for nothing! It ties in my black mirror and frames so much better!

  • I went and got myself a boyfriend! No worries... It's long over! It turns out guys that have no concept of how to manage their life, have a job, and manage their money really don't do it for me! On the plus side, he was a very nice guy and he was my Valentine.

  • There was a giant blizzard. It pretty much shut down the midwest. My mall has never been closed. Even when there were bomb threats and gas leaks... But even they were closed! The pets and I stayed in with some Redbox movies and let it snow!
This is my screened porch in case I haven't shown it. 

  • I decided to try the cheap route and spray paint my doorknobs, hinges, etc. silver before I spent the money to replace them all. Look for a post about this soon.  

It was easier than I expected and they've held up REALY well! I just googled "how to spray paint door knobs" and followed the links. I used these two the most:

  • I decided to rip up the carpet on my stairs and figured I'd find amazing hardwood goodness underneath. I didn't. But while I was I smelled something cooking. I went into the kitchen, realizing I'd skipped dinner, and saw this: 
My neighbor's shed was on fire and it was spreading to her house. After being confused for a minute wondering if she was burning leaves or something I hopped into action. I ran around to the neighbor's house barefoot, called 911, tried to get my older neighbor out of her house and my very old other neighbor out of his. I then went back in to get the things out of my house that you always ask yourself "if there were a fire what would I take?" I ended up taking:
-The dog
-The cat
-My fireproof box with my important documents (I'm still kicking myself over taking something fireproof though!)
-My MacBook (I keep a journal on it and all of my pictures are on it)
-My purse
That was it! I threw on this crazy outfit. I was wearing really grubby clothes, I put on my long black wool dress coat, and my moccasins, and my hair was in a crazy bun. I'm sure I lost my future fireman husband because of that crazy outfit! 
(an after the fire shot with me in my wool coat ensemble and bun!)

The fire didn't spread to my house, all of my neighbor's were ok, and my neighbor's house that had the fire is almost completely repaired. And I got to practice calling 911...

  • I mentioned the stairs. I'll do a whole post on how the stairs came to be as they are now. But for now enjoy the before and after:

They're SOOOOOO pretty aren't they? 

  • I had someone stalk me at work. Long story short, I have a restraining order. This happened last summer and I recently went to court about it and he has since been released from jail. 

  • I dealt with my chipped paint front porch that was bringing down my curb appeal with this cool stuff called Deck Restore from Home Depot that you can use on concrete and wood. It was super quick and gave the porch some texture that keeps it from being slippery when wet:

It looks pretty florescent here, but it was still wet. The next bullet point shows how much it darkened up. I really liked the stuff and plan on using it on my screened porch floor too!

  • I bought a new car! I had some financial ah ha moments recently (more about that below) that made me realize that while I LOVED my German VW Passat, it took Premium gas that is not cheap! By switching it out for a much cheaper Kia I able to reduce my car payment by $100 a month. I am super excited for better gas mileage too. And, my little Passat cost $800 for it's 40,000 service. It was going to be $1,000 for the 50,000 and I wasn't up for that. So behold the new car! (And peek at the yard behind it. It's in the next bullet point!)

  • The yard... It was attacked by grubs and it all died. Here it is all dug up (see Zulu in the corner "helping me out?"). I planted new grass, but it's far from the point where I can post an "after" picture!

  • I convinced my baby brother to buy a house! Isn't it adorable!? He is too :
 He asked me what color he was painting his living room and that unleashed the color-loving-monster in me! 

  • And finally, the biggest news:
I don't work at the top secret retailer anymore.

There's a shocker! 
It's been hard to  leave. But God is good. Sometimes hard is good! It grows you... I got a new job! I start this week! I will be the director of admissions for a major college. I will be OUT of retail!!!! 

So, that is where I've been for 6 months. More detailed:
 -How to do knobs, and stairs, and landscaping to get rid of grubs coming soon... Maybe! 

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