Friday, April 4, 2014

Bar Stool Makeover

Since I got this table I've needed a seat for it
I was looking at something like these from Target:

When I remembered my old bar stools:
They were out in the middle of the basement for a long long time. They are really high though. If I wanted to use them something had to change
We don't have a saw but my brother did. I marked 7" up on the stools and my brother came over and chopped
They were a little unsteady with the second set of crossbars not there. But, we needed to trim those down to fit into a narrower place. So we pulled out the traditional saw and got sawing:
Then I made some paint. I wanted this to be another free project and I thought grey would work perfectly down there. I pulled out my old samples from this project and started mixing

This is it  after two coats. I didn't care for how flat it was though and wanted to coat it with poly acrylic 
See how much better it looks with a gloss? (and that we still haven't sold the dumb couch)
My drill battery is having some issues at the moment so I haven't reattached the crossbars so this is the 95% done after-shot! 
What do you think? I'm loving the free makeover!

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