Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What's New

I've done a bad job updating AGAIN. I guess I need this blog less and less as my life gets more complex. Before I think it was like therapy to me. Now I do enough talking all day that a little quiet is wonderful! But I felt the need to check back in. Here's what's been going on:
-I opened an Etsy shop. I have had hundreds of thousands of hits on my little post about making a fabric baby gate.  I had also been freelancing as a professional organizer. Quite honestly, until I feel I have more time to devote to the business end of that I needed to take a step back. The legality of collecting money for a job once you discover the person you are organizing is in deep legal and financial trouble threw me for a loop. I realized my contract was weak and I learned a hard lesson. So I was back to pondering what I could do to pad our income a bit and my old post kept coming back to me. I finally decided to give the little shop a shot and see if maybe I could sell a gate or two a week. Well 52 in a month proved I could! It's been exhausting but exciting. I had bought a meager little supply of fabric and velcro and stuff and found myself at the fabric store about 5 out of 7 days for a few weeks. I was suddenly receiving as many emails and messages as I did when I was running a multi-million dollar brick and mortar store and doing lots of problem solving. My shop is currently taking a week off because I needed to problem solve this inventory thing a bit. Taking Lila out for hours every day to buy supplies and then sewing her nap time, playtime, and after bedtime was a bit much. I also needed time to pack...
-Our house has been for sale for about a month now. We are under contract for another house which is newer and bigger, with a pile of new design challenges. I'm really excited about it. But we have about 30 days to sell our current house or the seller can back out. We've had 20-30 showings and gotten feedback that the house is amazing but the upstairs is small and people want a garage. So I'm trying to patiently wait for that one person that will think it's perfect!
-I've been trying to get every last drop out of summer with Lila. We've been in the city a lot (Chicago) at the zoo and just playing around. We're part of a mommy and me tumbling group and story time too. I'm adoring being a mom and truly believe I'm in the very best place of my life right now. 

So that's what's new! I can't make any promises that I'll return anytime soon, but thanks for visiting!
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