Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Curb Appeal

We recently continued our home improvement mission by working on our home's curb appeal.

This is a picture of the house on the day it was listed for sale. You can see on the far right is a bare tree. Well the tree (like the bushes under the windows) grew and grew and grew. 
This was right after I moved in. There were three trees all twisted and growing together. One was dead so my mom cut that one off. 
 This was it after it was trimmed
This was last fall when we got our new roof. The tree is beautiful for a week in the spring when it flowers. Otherwise It scrapes the roof, chips the paint on the siding, and blocks the view in and out of the window and screened porch. It was obvious to an outsider that it had to go. I'd gotten used to it and quite frankly didn't really notice it.
 Finally it was just out of control and could no longer be ignored since it was growing so crooked
 It was about 18" from the ground and blocked the front window completely. A good trim would've helped this, but still wouldn't help the awkward angle or the fact that the previous owners planted a tree that was too big for the space 
 I did enjoy watching Chris limbo under it whenever he mowed the grass but otherwise this tree was just begging to be put out of its misery
I traded my brother two batches of cookies for him to take it down. I paid over $1000 to have my big trees trimmed a couple of years ago so I knew a great deal when I found one! One afternoon last week he came over and went to work. 
 It turned out to be a much bigger job than I expected. My brother came over with his sawzall DEWALT DWE304 10-Amp Reciprocating Saw" sure it could tackle it though. The tree was much bigger when it was laying down! Originally our deal was for one batch of cookies but about an hour and a half into a three hour job we agreed to up it to two batches! Lila is really into cars and machines and stuff lately so she loved watching him saw:
 The village chips and collects trees and branches for "free" on garbage day weekly. This happened to fall on garbage day so they literally were taking branches from him as he was cutting. It was so gratifying having clean up happen instantly!
It was amazing being able to see the screened porch and window again, not to mention our beautiful and expensive roof! 
I touched up the shutters after I took this to match the front door again. I also will move the pavers to the house line now that there isn't a tree jutting out. We're thrilled that something as small as cutting down one tree can make such a big difference! 
We tend to head out onto the porch pretty early in the day to play and I'm usually in some form of pajamas. I do miss the privacy the tree provided since we have one extremely nosy neighbor. If we find ourself here in the next year or so I'll probably find a tree that isn't meant to grow much and plant that further over- in front of the porch. So- that's our latest project. Thanks for following along!

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