Monday, June 27, 2016

Door Knob Upgrade

When we last discussed door knobs I had spray painted mine twice. In 2011 I changed them from bronze to silver. A few years after that I painted them Oil Rubbed Bronze. Painting my knobs bought me at 5 years before I finally decided to replace them. Overall it held up really well:
But on our highest used knobs things were definitely looking sad. 
Lila becoming more mobile inspired the switch. I don't have a single key for these knobs. Babysitting has taught me that kids LOVE to lock doors and leave you on the outside! So I kept my spray painted hinges and went in search of an inexpensive oil rubbed replacement. I decided to do it right, so we replaced all of our knobs at once. I'm fortunate to have several sliding doors in this house and only needed 5 locking knobs and 4 passthrough knobs. 

I found passthrough knobs that matched what I was looking for on sale for $4 each at Menards. 
Their partners weren't on clearance but Menards was running their 11% bag sale so I still was able to save:

There's not much more to it... It was a quick switch out and definitely gives me peace of mind to know that if we get locked out of a room by Lila we have a way to get in without the fire department! 

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  1. I really admire your creativity here. This is to show how you can take a small detail like a door knob, add an upgrade and watch as the entire space looks so different. Your choice of door knob is particularly inspired and really helps the entire room look just fabulous. Keep up the good work.


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