Wednesday, December 2, 2015

>3' Closet Maximized

I've talked about Lila's little closet before. I thought I'd review the change made to the closet and show you how it's working today.
This little closet is at the top of the stairs and is 32" long and has a lip at the bottom that's about 6" tall… Oh and a sloped ceiling… Oh and attic access. It's pretty impossible to maximize. It had this sad little single rod when I moved in:

 This is what I did with it when I moved in. It's appalling isn't it? I had a bookshelf in there and a divided hamper. I didn't use the rod at all:
 After I got "organized" this became my pants and hamper closet:
Then I added elfa from The Container Store to it. This solution is 30" long. I love it because you can adjust the heights of everything, unlike built ins and it still looks customized. 
Then Lila came and Chris and I moved into the same closet:
It's hard to tell, but I lowered the bottom shelf a tiny bit since the clothes were smaller. Here it is today. I                                                 have made minimal changes because it' s honestly set up perfectly and there is still a lot of room to grow. 
The deep bottom drawer just has diapering stuff. We are about out of Honest Diapers so I may transition to cloth overnight, leaving this drawer open.
The top drawer has random shoes that are too big for Lila, so they haven't been transitioned to shoe boxes yet. I love that this drawer unit is basically filled with random stuff, and when I need to fill it I'll have plenty of room! 
I hung a laundry bag on the door of the closet. I had it up with a Command Adhesive hook that didn't hold up to use. I replaced the hook with an I-hook and it's been perfect since! It works well except for when it's completely full. Then the door sticks out a little bit.

The little accessory boxes work perfectly as little shoe boxes. I love that everything is organized and easy to identify.
One of the bins on the top is empty. The other bin is Lila's "accessory" bin. It holds her bathing suits, slippers, hats, and leggings. 
So here are some tips for a tiny and awkward closet:
-Utilize every part of the space, including the doors.
-Hang low and use shelving above (many people store shoes and stuff on the floor. Having clothes drag on your head when you need to grab something is not ideal!)
-Use multiple shelves to create division versus stacking things on things
-Keep a donation bin or a pack away bin on the floor. A Pack away bin for growing children and a donation bin for adults. 
-Utilize drawers to keep things organized and not have to worry about perfect folding and being seen.
-Use the same hangers to keep things looking tidy.
-Use skinny hangers (We have the children's Huggable Hanger) to maximize space

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