Monday, November 23, 2015

Taking the Plunge- Our New Roof

We just made a very expensive purchase and replaced our roof. Yikes. Between the roof, paying off my old car, paying cash for a new car, the medical bills that come with having a baby, and the gear that comes with having a baby this has been a very expensive year! I wish we could've put it off for longer but our roof was falling apart/off. The bathroom ceiling started leaking when it would rain too. It was time. 

This was the house in the listing photo:
And it the day before we had it replaced. Very brown. It doesn't look so bad in this shot:
But here it is out of Lila's window. Now you see what I'm talking about!
I thought about DIYing this and my mom's friend offered to help me do it. But I couldn't risk breaking my back falling off! We got several estimates and ended up choosing a small company that had done my parents roof the year before. We also had the insurance company come out for wind and hail damage. They found that the previous roof was shingled with organic shingles that had been recalled due to them holding up very poorly and flaking. We were able to get about 1/2 of the new roof paid for and the bathroom ceiling 100%. So now it was time to pick a color. I wanted to eliminate all of the brown and wanted a black roof. But our attic isn't insulated well and our upstairs gets really hot in the summer. I ended up going with a dark grey called Pristine Pewter:
It was amazing to me to see a roof replacement. The whole thing took two days because a lot of the wood was damaged and needed repaired and replaced. The hardest thing was getting Lila to sleep in a playpen in the basement because of the noise. 

These guys were amazing. There wasn't one nail or staple in the grass after they left. They put down tarps and after picking up the trash they went around with a giant magnet to get up the small debris. I can confidently say it was worth every penny and that I will never DIY a roof after I saw everything they did: 
Excuse the grainy pictures through the screen. I was trying to stalk the poor guys without being seen! After they had ripped off the roof and repaired the wood they put this underlayment (I'm totally guessing) on. 
The wooden beam looking thing is what would hold them in place so they didn't fall off the roof when they walked across it. 
Here is the house with the roof half ripped off. Lila and I took a walk so I could stalk from afar. I'm seriously such a creep!
See the beam they walked along on? Yikes!
It was so odd playing on the floor with Lila with someone 8 feet away working

Remember the sad looking roof from before? Isn't it gorgeous? Who knew you could say that about a roof?
And here is the house in all of its grey glory. Oh I love it! It's so much better than the brown roof!
So then my brown doorstep had to go! Here is what it looked like when I sized it up
Out on a walk I spotted this person's front porch and was inspired
I got a gallon of porch and floor paint and used about a quart. My leftovers will be used on the screened porch floor in the spring. Here is the color:
It matches the roof perfectly but was a lot lighter than I expected somehow. I've lived with it for about month now and decided that I love it though. 

I plan on painting the railings white in the spring. They need to be sanded down really good and a new sander is on my Christmas list… 
What do you think? Do you like it? 
So that is officially the big home change we just completed!

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  1. hey curly girl, I can definitely relate. We took the plunge after our tax return refund and I could not be happier with the results. Not only does it transform the look of the house, no more stains on the ceiling in our kitchen the days that followed installation. I am so excited for you too, the roof looks amazing.

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof


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