Monday, November 30, 2015

Baby Tree

I decided Lila needed a Christmas tree of her own. I have a little white tree that had been up in my office before Lila's room took over and it's also been up in my basement. Because it was just being stored I figured it'd be perfect. I also figured this could be our "teaching tree" about limits as far as grabbing the tree, garland, and ornaments. 

Once I got the tree in my head I had it up within 48 hours! I wanted to keep it simple and fun. I didn't want Christmas colors and wanted it to match her room. Here's how I did it-
-The Itsy Bitsies Animal Bucket was $4.99 at Joann Fabrics and I used a 50% off coupon.
-The eye hooks $1.99 and I used a 50% off coupon. 
-Fishing line was free because I already owned it
I used my smallest drill bit and drilled into the back of each animal 
Then I screwed my eye hook in as far as it would go
When I was done I had a mini zoo of impaled animals. I strung them with fishing line nice and tight and I had a dozen ornaments for $2.50!
Pom Pom Fringe- 1 package of yellow and one of pink. $3.99 each and I used two 50% coupons. Lila taste tested it and approved! 
So then I pull out the tree and discovered the pathetic thing turned brown in all of these patches. My googling revealed that white trees turning brown in storage is pretty common. I tried scrubbing it and bleaching it. Finally I hauled it out back and spray painted it! A few hours later it was dry and Lila was awake from her nap and the decorating began! 
I also bought:
Mulicolor plastic ornaments from Target $3.99
Yarn letters from Target $3.99 each in letters L R & C. 

I used the topper from my work baby shower cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes for the top of the tree. I originally had it on top of the bird cage next to her rocking chair. 

Lila loves it! I leave it on during her nap time so that she can lay and watch it. She is allowed to touch the ornaments and take them off but not allowed to touch the tree, lights, or garland. She is a really obedient girl and has done great with this "rule."
 I moved everything around for her decorations. She also got a Little People nativity scene from my mother in law. It's adorable and Lila loves rearranging and eating it. 
 Her elephant also moved from the corner to make way for the tree 
 Her bird cage moved to make room for the nativity scene to the dresser 
 Lila falls asleep staring at it during her naps. It's absolutely the reaction I was hoping for! 

 The cat has been the worst with the tree. He messes it up way more than Lila. See his tail peeking out? 

The total tree cost was $23.50

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