Friday, November 20, 2015

Baby Led Weaning- What Does She Eat?

Baby led weaning has been a great choice for us! It's so nice not needing to buy special baby food and being able to share what I make with her. This has also made me look at what I'm cooking and question if it's the healthiest choice, or how much sodium I have been eating without even knowing it. It's been a great eye opener! If anyone is questioning what a baby can eat- Here are a few examples of what Lila eats. 
 Homemade spagetti sauce with hidden carrot puree in the sauce 
 Pork roast and mashed potatoes 
 Steamed cinnamon apples and carrots with peanut butter toast 
 Yogurt popsicles and spicy italian sausage and pasta 
 Chili, biscuits, and corn on the cobb
 Peanut butter on her spoon, strawberries, and cheerios
 Cherry tomatoes and yogurt
 Leftover yogurt and babyfood I won't use made into popsicles and yogurt dots
 They roll up to be nice and small in the freezer
 Low sodium blueberry pancakes
Broccoli and cheese cakes
Apple cinnamon oatmeal 
Low sodium blueberry pancakes
 Steamed apples & peanut butter toast 
 Low sodium meatloaf
 Overnight crockpot apple cinnamon oatmeal
 A banana and pumpkin muffins cooked with leftover sweet potato baby food
 Now she knows how to work her sippy cup on her own. She is allowed to drink 1-2 oz. She would drink 22 oz. if I let her! 
 Cheesy scrambled eggs and apples
If you need any recipe ideas check out my Pinterest board labeled "kid food."

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