Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Normal Craigslist Encounter & New Baby Gear

I had mentioned in my last baby gear post that I wasn't thrilled with the wheels on my Chicco Keyfit. I went from being not thrilled to positively outraged (I have lots of feelings!).

See the picture above? This is what the wheels did/do constantly. They were locking sideways all of the time pitching her and the stroller forward. When we were shopping we would bump into people and racks. It steers horribly 70% of the time. After a play date with several other moms I had enough. Lila started crying so I grabbed her and was carrying her while a friend pushed my stroller. She said "I don't know how you live with this thing. It would make me crazy." When I got home I started researching what stroller I wanted. 

I finally landed on the City Mini or City Select. I figured I would have more of a chance of finding an inexpensive Mini than a Select, but liked the idea of adding an extra seat on to the select. I figured with it being fall I could spend the winter and spring shopping Craigslist, eBay, Once Upon a Child, etc. My mom is a great bargain shopper so I sent her descriptions for both and prices I was willing to pay. I was hoping to spend $200 for a City Select and $125 for a City Mini. About 5 days after setting my standards I roamed over to Craigslist and saw this:

$50?!?!?! I was sure something was terribly wrong with it since that was far less (at least $50) than I saw any others selling for. I dropped an email to the seller to see what was wrong and she responded that the rubber on the handle was a little separated but otherwise it was in great shape. I set up a meeting with her for as fast as she would meet me so I wouldn't lose the deal at a gas station near her house.

When I do a meet up there are a few important points I like to follow:
-Meet during the day
-Meet in public
-Google the seller to get an idea of what to expect
-Put your cash for the transaction in a pocket or someplace else outside of your wallet. 

So I googled away and found lots of information about the seller (I'm a creep) that made me feel like a yoga instructor with a 4 year old was probably safe. My husband and I met her and sure enough, the stroller needed a wipe down and a handle repair. Otherwise it was perfect! I can't believe how much easier it is to steer a good stroller! And I love that I can add a scooter onto the back if we had another baby for Lila to coast on, and attach my current carseat to it. 
She likes it too!
Here is a quick update on other baby stuff. 

The upstairs baby gate is awesome. It's held up really well and I trust it to be strong enough for Lila to lean against. I test it every time before I let her into the hallway. It did start to slip a few weeks ago, but after tightening in the sides it's good as new again. 
I spent $2.50 on this ugly, awesome Baby Einstein activity table. I knew Lila would need something to pull herself onto

Her Ergo is going strong. I finally used it for a back carry a few days ago and she thought it was super fun. She doesn't fall asleep easily in my arms anymore, but conks out quickly if I put the hood up while I'm walking around 
I got her this doorway jumper a few weeks ago from Babies R Us. She loves it for limited times. Now that she is mobile she wants freedom to roam. I wish I would've gotten this a few months ago! 
Another ugly toy… This shopping cart was $2. I wanted some walk behind toy and she loves putting her stuffed dog in it and strolling around. 
It was also time to graduate to a big girl seat. It's crazy how fast it's going. 
She loves her new big girl seat and I love not hauling the heavy thing everywhere. 

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