Monday, October 12, 2015

Christmas (Cards) In October

My stay at home mom job has made me really focus on how I can be responsible with every penny coming in and out of our house. One of the most recent ways I've done this is by getting our Christmas cards together in October. That's CRAZY early to me. But, there are lots of holiday card coupon codes out in the beginning of October, so this was the chance I needed to save some money. Now, I know I could be thriftier and not send out Christmas cards. But I don't think you should give up everything that gives you joy for the sake of money. So there.
None of these images were the one I chose. For this to be as inexpensive as I hoped I had to do it myself. So I chose a sunny (but much colder than I wanted) day. While Lila was down for her first nap I hauled stuff up from the basement and prepped her wardrobe. I used the little trees I put on my doorstep, 2 blankets, 1 piece of big fabric, a few ornaments, our Christmas stockings, and a cardboard document box. I had a total of two outfits, both purchased from Once Upon a Child and Gap Outlet while I was pregnant:
It was really windy, and leaves were falling. So I waited to decorate until Lila woke up so there weren't fall leaves in the Christmas trees! I wanted to use the red fence as the backdrop which is why I decided to do the pictures outside. I did set up Lila's playpen on the screened porch with toys. When Lila woke up I put her in her first outfit and put her in her playpen while I scurried around and set up:
Not so impressive from far back:
Obviously I didn't pick this shot! This gives you an idea of what the backdrop looks like:
 This was no easy photo shoot. The wind and chill gave her a red nose and brought out inner rage. After a while I got my winning shot though! Once that was done I started shopping and comparing cards.
I've gotten my last several cards from Paper Culture. I love that they plant a tree whenever you order something from them and the overall look of their cards. I also would use their address and mail service so I never had to address or stamp a card. Wow having unlimited money was nice! 

So here are the price breakdowns for 40 cards on premium card stock. I found 3 sites with cards I liked:
Paper Culture: $144.99 pre-discount. There is currently a 25% off offer putting the cards at $108.74
Shutterfly: $91.60 pre-discount. There is currently a $20 off offer, free shipping on orders over $39, and a 1 free card offer putting the cards at $56.00
Snapfish: $64.00 with coupon codes found on the site putting my order at $30.95 WITH shipping!

Obviously I went with Snapfish for the win! Just a quick tip for all of my fellow cheapskates!

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