Friday, September 18, 2015

Lila's Lived-In Room

I have a 7 month old little girl now! I wanted to share what Lila's room looks like as its grown with her:
We cleaned out the attic behind her bed and put that in the basement or the attic behind our bed. Lila' s attic now holds all of her baby clothes, her swing, her bumbo, and other things she has outgrown. As far as what you can see:
-The kangaroo is wearing Lila's 6 month birthday hat
-The shadow box above the butterflies is a quickie Pinterest project. They're hearts made from Lila's baby shower cards
-I dropped the mattress in Lila's crib (more on that below)
-The only thing Lila sleeps with is an Aden and Anais lovey so you can see her bunny in the crib. 
There are even more pictures on Lila's wall and more little stuffed animals. I love it. I have the bigger girl books packed away, and only cardboard pages on the shelf. The grey bin doesn't hold blankets anymore and now holds stuffed animals. 
 Lila started getting more mobile about a month ago. One day I decided it was like ripping off a bandaid and I just needed to lower the mattress. She was growing up. I will say it was crazy easy to lower it and just took a couple of minutes. But wow it changed the look of her whole room!
 Look at this baby cage! She actually seems to sleep better lower down for some reason. 
My mom picked up a little crib aquarium for $1 at a garage sale. Lila LOVES her fish! She turns them on during the night to help her get back to sleep which is SO cute! 
See the little house? Lila was also getting great at kicking her crib until the camera fell in. I needed a solution to that. I didn't want to see the camera, and I didn't want to hide it way across the room on her bookshelf. I mentioned to my dad I wanted a little bird house or something. Immediately he went into project mode and made her one! 
The little doors open up and the camera is behind it. My dad had run an outlet into the attic back when my printer and router were there. I drilled a hole in the wall for the camera cord and plugged it in inside. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about cords getting pulled on at all. 

 This girl is growing up. It's so fun to see her nursery transform over time!

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