Friday, September 25, 2015

TULLSTA Polka Dots and Baby Evolution

This is my living room these days (excuse the shoe pile). 
 The barrel end table has moved down to the basement since it was a little unstable and splintery! I could picture Lila pulling herself up on it and it just falling apart. I also added a little flair to the chair and made some changes to my entertainment center. 
 I had this picture bookmarked on Pinterest for the longest time just waiting for the courage to redo the chair. 
 Finally one day while I was wallpapering Lila's dollhouse (more on that another time) I polka dotted the chair too!
 Here's all it took:
 It's the Ikea TULLSTA chair that I've had for approximately 6 years. It's Oscar and Linus's nap chair. Because of all of the pet napping it looked pretty sad. Being impulsive I painted it in this state. Later I took the cushion cover off and bleached it to death (with the dots on them) and it looks like new! I was really impressed at how the paint held up to lots of bleach, the heavy cycle in the washer, and being hung out in the sun on the clothesline. 

 I was pretty conservative. I didn't want to use too much. I used about 1/2 a bottle when it was all said and done:
I simply loaded up my sponge and went one dot at a time. 
When I was finished I kept it with the seat facing the corner to discourage dog and cat traffic. It felt dry to the touch within about 30 minutes but I let it sit overnight before I flipped it around and put pillows on it. 
I had painted the feet in the past, which makes the whole thing much more cohesive with the painted black furniture in the room. It was pretty bright for a bit and I wasn't sure if I had made huge mistake. After walking past it for a few days I'm officially in love. 
 I think it adds some nice life to the room and was an easy little project. When it gets to be too much I may cover the yellow with white for something more subtle.

 I also made over the entertainment center to be more baby friendly. We finally ditched cable (I don't miss you Comcast!!!!) and sent back the DVR, prompting the shift around since we had fewer electronics on display. We also moved our Apple TV to the basement and got a Roku (I'm sorry to say it Apple, but I actually like it better!). If you remember I had black cardboard document boxes filling in quite a few holes. They were jam packed with DVDs. I bought two zip up cases and filled them with the DVDs and threw out all of the DVD cases. That saved TONS of space! They live in the basement now. Both of the bins on the top are empty actually. I'm sure there will be toys or something I'll want to stash in there later. The skinny thing on the left is a lamp. The two pullouts in the middle have been there for some time and are from The Container Store. One holds more of Lila's books. The other holds remotes. The bin on the bottom has toys and the other is waiting for a purpose. They are from Amazon and were a steal compared to the TCS bins!
The plant on the bottom is fake, so I'm not worried about it being destroyed like I would if we had a real one down there. The letters are cardboard and have already survived the test drive Lila took them on!
And just in case you love the table here it is. I caught it on sale for $44 and then had a coupon I used on top of it and used free in store pick up. I snagged it for $38 in the end and its actually really sturdy. 

So that's the living room's latest journey and how easy it is to polka dot a chair!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Home Tour

In reviewing the blog I've realized that I've done so many projects and it's hard to see the most recent version of a room. I've created a home tour tab to show the before picture of the room from when I moved in and each room's most recent state. To see all of my before and afters simply click on the picture of my house on the right hand side of the blog. 

Enjoy the tour! I sure am proud of how much my home has evolved over the years!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015

Lila's Lived-In Room

I have a 7 month old little girl now! I wanted to share what Lila's room looks like as its grown with her:
We cleaned out the attic behind her bed and put that in the basement or the attic behind our bed. Lila' s attic now holds all of her baby clothes, her swing, her bumbo, and other things she has outgrown. As far as what you can see:
-The kangaroo is wearing Lila's 6 month birthday hat
-The shadow box above the butterflies is a quickie Pinterest project. They're hearts made from Lila's baby shower cards
-I dropped the mattress in Lila's crib (more on that below)
-The only thing Lila sleeps with is an Aden and Anais lovey so you can see her bunny in the crib. 
There are even more pictures on Lila's wall and more little stuffed animals. I love it. I have the bigger girl books packed away, and only cardboard pages on the shelf. The grey bin doesn't hold blankets anymore and now holds stuffed animals. 
 Lila started getting more mobile about a month ago. One day I decided it was like ripping off a bandaid and I just needed to lower the mattress. She was growing up. I will say it was crazy easy to lower it and just took a couple of minutes. But wow it changed the look of her whole room!
 Look at this baby cage! She actually seems to sleep better lower down for some reason. 
My mom picked up a little crib aquarium for $1 at a garage sale. Lila LOVES her fish! She turns them on during the night to help her get back to sleep which is SO cute! 
See the little house? Lila was also getting great at kicking her crib until the camera fell in. I needed a solution to that. I didn't want to see the camera, and I didn't want to hide it way across the room on her bookshelf. I mentioned to my dad I wanted a little bird house or something. Immediately he went into project mode and made her one! 
The little doors open up and the camera is behind it. My dad had run an outlet into the attic back when my printer and router were there. I drilled a hole in the wall for the camera cord and plugged it in inside. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about cords getting pulled on at all. 

 This girl is growing up. It's so fun to see her nursery transform over time!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Baby Led Weaning

If you're not looking for a non-baby post, this isn't it! Now that we've gotten that outta the way and you're still here here we go! 

I went with the WHO's recommendation of no solids until 6 months old. Then I didn't know what I wanted to start with. Most of what I've read recently says cereal is just empty calories, and I didn't want to feed my baby canned food that I wouldn't go near. So, I started researching baby-led-weaning. I won't pretend to be the expert on it. But I can tell you the different things I've fed Lila since I struggled to find recipes. I did make some purees too, and use a mesh feeder pouch for some foods. So I'd say we're doing a hybrid version. So here are some things she's eaten.

Lila loves apple slices. She does a great job of nibbling off pieces and sucking the juice out of them:
Here's Lila having avocado banana puree:
 I made pasta with chicken, olive oil, and salt free italian seasoning (salt is a no no for babies):
 We started with wheat toast and then worked our way up to peanut butter on it. I used the tiniest scraping the first time and held my breath for allergies. I also fed her this early in the day so I could watch her for any hives or anything. The next time I added more peanut butter. She seems to love it and is allergy free!
 Now she pretty much wants whatever we're having. She is stealing my husband's barbecue chicken sandwich:
 I made my own sweet potato fries by shaking raw potatoes in a freezer bag with some olive oil and a tiny bit of brown sugar. Then I baked them for 20-30 minutes. These are her favorites:
 Cottage cheese:
 Green beans… Not her favorite!
 Strawberries, ground beef, and green beans:
 Frozen grapes in her mesh feeder and cheese on her tray:
 She wasn't a fan of the purees. I ended up putting whatever she rejected into an ice cube tray and giving her the cubes in her mesh teether:
 Sweet potato rounds using the same recipe as above:
 Roasted cinnamon apples
 I spent one Sunday afternoon making purees for her pouches and finger foods I could freeze:

 Lila's first food was avocado. She wasn't a fan the first time, but loves it now!
Her very favorite is cauliflower pizza!
In the beginning Lila gagged a bit which was kind of scary but to be expected as she tested her limits. She doesn't much at all anymore and loves pretty much everything! She is a big fan of whatever we're eating. It's SO easy not making anything special for her or worrying about graduating from baby food to something more solid. If you're looking for some recipes for doing baby led weaning these are some good, easy ones. If you're not sure if it's the way to go I highly recommend it too! 
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