Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wearing My Baby & Sewing Stuff

Sorry I've been so lazy about blogging. I've been busy in real life and have lots of content, but not as much time. My little lady is getting bigger! I reviewed the K'tan carrier in an earlier post. Since Lila has gotten bigger I've also gotten an Ergo. I'm alway in search of a deal and scored this puppy on eBay after months of stalking. It was worth the wait! 
In my research I also saw a lot of strap covers on people's. I figured it was just to dress it up. No… They're called drool covers or suck pads. Yum huh? Well within minutes of trying my new Ergo on, Lila had saturated the strap in a teething frenzy. All of the covers I saw were about $20. I wasn't going to have saved tons on my carrier just to blow it on strap covers! 

So I made some for FREE! I found lots of tutorials on Pinterest so I won't give you another one. I cut up a holey bath towel for my inner lining and used excess curtain fabrics to make a girl set and a boy set… Both are pretty neutral though. I also added a couple of taggies for Lila to play with. My mom owns tons of plastic snaps, so she hooked me up. 
Aren't they awesome?! This post teaches absolutely nothing and really just served the purpose of me bragging about my free covers and cheap Ergo:
Oh, and showing off my cute Lila!

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