Monday, August 17, 2015


I did a quick DIY project for Lila's 6 month "birthday." I wanted to take some cute pictures and gave myself a $5 budget. 
I used one of Lila's undershirts, a google image of 1/2 that I cut into a stencil, a piece of card stock cut into a party hat, and a cotton ball dipped in paint. My only expense was a jar of metallic fabric paint from Joanne Fabrics that I used a coupon for. 
I put a piece of cardboard in the shirt before I painted and then heat set it with an iron after 24 hours of drying. 

Then I took some pictures…

Isn't this so cute for $5? Can you believe I have a 6 month old little girl? I'm so proud of her already, and so thankful for my Lila!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Showing a Little Leg

So I made a small but big change to the couch. 
It's more obvious when you look at this picture I think. I added higher feet to our Kivik Sectional! While it might not seem essential, after having a new baby and spending hours a day on this couch her first month- trust me. It was. It's hard to oaf off of this couch when your body feels busted. It's also hard if you're holding a baby, etc. I also see our older relatives struggle getting up and down because its so low. Raising this dude up was a no brainer. 
I used 2 sets of these legs. We decided to flip the couch on its back to do this project after Chris got home from work and before Lila woke up from her nap. What should've been a quick and cheap project ended up not being AT ALL cheap or easy. It turns out that I forgot that you just pound the legs onto the Kivik. They don't screw in like they do on the Karlstad and other Ikea couches. Ok… $10 in washers and nuts and we were in business.

A large washer and a nut on the other end held these legs on great!
So we tipped the couch back onto its feet and took a seat. It made a big squeak and the chaise and sofa separated! We flipped it back up and realized that the mechanism that connects the two sits on the floor and keeps them together, so we needed to raise that up. Until we could figure something out Chris's boring books held the couch up
Another before and after:

I finally found cheap bed risers at Walmart and life was good again. I've edited this post after several questions about how the risers sit and how the legs attached. Please excuse my dusty floor! I hope these help:

Here is the back of the couch. This shows the connecting piece sitting on the bed riser:
 This is the front of the couch showing the connecting piece sitting in the bed riser:
 Here it is complete with beautiful new legs and 2 bed risers:
So my $30 project ended up being $50 which was really depressing. I would do it again though! We have found so much junk under the couch since then, it makes cleaning way easier, and getting up and down the same as it would me on a normal couch! I wondered why I didn't find any google results for adding legs to a Kivik, but now I get it! Doesn't it look great?!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Dining Room Update

Who knew $99 could make such a big difference? I ditched my painted Ikea rug for a much more grown up… Ikea rug
Isn't it a huge upgrade?!
It's an indoor/outdoor rug, but surprisingly soft and matches the cat!
I also think it looks remarkably like a West Elm rug.
From a practical standpoint- The jerk cat threw up on it on day 2 and it came right up! 
Great upgrade huh?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wearing My Baby & Sewing Stuff

Sorry I've been so lazy about blogging. I've been busy in real life and have lots of content, but not as much time. My little lady is getting bigger! I reviewed the K'tan carrier in an earlier post. Since Lila has gotten bigger I've also gotten an Ergo. I'm alway in search of a deal and scored this puppy on eBay after months of stalking. It was worth the wait! 
In my research I also saw a lot of strap covers on people's. I figured it was just to dress it up. No… They're called drool covers or suck pads. Yum huh? Well within minutes of trying my new Ergo on, Lila had saturated the strap in a teething frenzy. All of the covers I saw were about $20. I wasn't going to have saved tons on my carrier just to blow it on strap covers! 

So I made some for FREE! I found lots of tutorials on Pinterest so I won't give you another one. I cut up a holey bath towel for my inner lining and used excess curtain fabrics to make a girl set and a boy set… Both are pretty neutral though. I also added a couple of taggies for Lila to play with. My mom owns tons of plastic snaps, so she hooked me up. 
Aren't they awesome?! This post teaches absolutely nothing and really just served the purpose of me bragging about my free covers and cheap Ergo:
Oh, and showing off my cute Lila!
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