Friday, June 12, 2015

Baby's Room 4 Months In

I have a 4 month old. Holy cow. It sure goes faster once they're born! 

Lila's little collage has grown to include a print I got from my former employer the day I resigned (It says "The Best is Yet to Come"), and two "Lila" prints made by her grandparents. Chris's parents made the one in stones on the right in Puerto Rico and my parents made the one in sand in Massachusetts. Lila's birth announcement is also framed. 
We got this storage cube from The Container Store. I use it as a nursing foot stool since I feed Lila in the rocker during the night now that she's moved into her room full time. I store swaddles and things inside. 
I moved the camera from across the room to the corner of the crib so I can even see her breathe during the night. 
The quilt my mom made for her is on the floor during most of the day for reading and tummy time:

The stuffed animals have left Lila's crib so she is absolutely as safe as possible. She was also gifted a little rocking chair that sits in the corner:

So there is a quickie update on how her room has evolved as she has grown! 

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