Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baby Clothes Organized

You have seen some pictures of Lila so far. You probably haven't seen her in the same thing twice! She has SO many clothes! She does wear them twice and three times, but she has a lot of choices! This is the result of smart thrift shopping, garage sales, and generous gifts. As a result I have a lot of excess stuff for her. I seriously hope we have another baby girl someday so that I can see some of this stuff again! I thought I'd share my tips to be organized:
Everything you need should fit in a 27"x16" space. The height depends on how much stuff you have:
I love The Container Store's "Our Box" collection. They're clear, they're strong, they stack great, and they're really inexpensive. You've seen these in my coat closet (the shoe boxes), Lila's closet (the accessory box for her shoe boxes), and in my basement storage room for Christmas decorations. Many people like to store in solid colored containers so they can't see the chaos. I like the accountability that comes with clear! We don't have a garage or a shed and only have an unfinished storage room in the basement, so I have to be organized since this room has many purposes.  

Here's how I did it:
- The bottom two boxes are things I won't need unless I have another baby. You want things you won't need at the bottom so that you don't have to take the pile apart. The left box is newborn non-clothes. I have extra disposable diapers, some boy Aden and Anais receiving blankets from a garage sale (just in case!), the newborn inserts from her swing and carseat, etc. The box on the right is all of my newborn/0-3 clothes. 
-Next in the pile are things I won't need for a long time: 12-18 month and 18-24 month clothes. 
-Next in the pile is a big box of non age-appropriate toys. I have books she will be able to destroy with paper pages in there and lots of garage sale finds (pretend food for when I buy her a kitchen set and ABC magnets for now).
-At the top of the pile is an empty box for when she starts outgrowing her 6-9 month clothes. The missing box lives on her closet floor and as she outgrows 3-6 month clothes I simply throw them in the laundry with her clothes that fit. Once I fold them with my other clean clothes I put those clothes in her outgrown box. Once I've gotten all of her 3-6 month clothes packed up the pile will rotate. I'll put the 3-6 month box where the 12-18 month box is and move that to the top of the pile where her 6-9 month box will be since that will now be on her closet floor. 

Here are the details:
-I used these reusable dry erase silicone labels. If I find I don't have a lot of a certain size I can erase and re-label. I did that with her newborn clothes when I realized I could fit them in with her 0-3's easily (they erase so well that I was finding I had to rewrite it multiple times. I ended up labeling with wet-erase). 
-The big box is the jumbo box.
-The other boxes are deep sweater boxes.

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