Saturday, May 16, 2015

Still Talking About Stairs

The stairs are like my drawers and closet posts from the past. When I start a project I tend to obsess to perfection and that leads to multiple posts about it. Sorry…

But on to more stairs! Now that the stairs are far safer with the awesome new railing it was time to make the trip up and down even safer. 
I actually bought this safety tape a few months ago and was just waiting until the railing was up to give this a shot. The stairs were the most slippery with the old carpet. Even with the carpet off and flat paint on the stairs they are still really slippery when you're wearing socks. 
Since Chris and I have both taken at least one spill I wanted to make them much more safe for Lila's use and for both of us as we go up and down the stairs with her. 
Can you see it? If you really look you can. This is the easiest project I've taken on by far
If you get your face really close you can see it because it's a little more matte than the stairs
But it blends incredibly well!
Even if it didn't I'd do this a million times over. It's already been such a game changer in taking away the slip! I simply grabbed the roll and the scissor:
I simply eyeballed it, cut a strip, peeled the stick, and pressed it down really good.
 I was only going to do the top half of the staircase so that it didn't hit my sightline at all but when it blended so well I went all the way.
I still have a ton of it left and have another use in mind for it so stay tuned. My stair posts won't be over for awhile! 

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