Saturday, May 30, 2015

Letting Go

My mom told me the other day that every day after you have a baby you're preparing to let them go. They get more and more independent by the day. Three months in and I can completely see that!
I'm soaking up all of the cuddles and eye contact since she is getting increasingly mobile:
She has mastered tummy time and seems like she wants to roll or crawl! 
We have all of the paraphenaila everywhere to get her upright: 
She is getting tall and won't be able to be in the moses basket for much longer:
So we've started transitioning her across the hall. She naps here daily now and has started doing part of the night there too.
I just had to move her straps to the top slot in her car seat:
 And she sits up in her stroller without her car seat now:

My word this is awesome, fun, rewarding, and heartbreaking. I still can't believe I have a baby and she is going and growing up on me! 


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