Friday, May 22, 2015


The infiltration has increased as Lila's size has. 
We knew it would. Finally I've given her a drawer. I took the junk out of this drawer in our tv console 
And I turned it into Lila's drawer

I also had been in search for a foot stool for the rocker for awhile without much luck. The Container Store got this cube in that works as a seat, a foot stool, and a storage box:
 The cat loves it too! 
I don't really need the storage yet so we just have some blankets and swaddles in there for now, but I'm sure as the infiltration continues this will be jam-packed too!
This. Monstrosity.
It now lives in my kitchen. She is a busy girl and getting her upright has made her very happy!
 So, we deal with it and it gives me enough time to make scrambled eggs in the morning:
So that's a quick update on our increasingly baby-stuff filled house!

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