Monday, April 27, 2015

Those Terrible Stairs- Now Safe

I teased a few days ago about my stairs getting a safety overhaul. Ready to see the process and reveal?
Here we go…

I had no idea how the railing would be run without making the stairs much narrower, so I was really excited to see what they would come up with to make that happen. 

 Isn't that cool and logical? 
 So after seeing this I started plotting:
Maybe I should have a black railing instead?

(Sorry no link for the photos. These are screenshots from google found after I googled "modern family stairs").

But if I painted the one attached to the wall black would it look like a big black line? Maybe I should take the railing off completely and move it to the other side?
But I wanted to make a fabric baby gate for the bottom that was easy to hide when people came over like this:
It certainly seemed like it would be easier to attach to the railing on the wall if I didn't remove that. In the end I asked if it would make sense to move the railing and was told that code required one continuous railing. So it was settled and I started thinking about what color it should be. 

Here's the after:

 And Lila showing her dad the stairs.

I wanted to keep costs low and like to paint so I said I would paint everything. Here are about 5000 pictures of deciding how to paint and the final result:
(Construction paper visualization before painting!)
 (Taking the plunge)
Aren't the black railings a game changer? I love it! 

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