Monday, March 23, 2015

Keepin It Real

I figured I'd keep it real about how the house looks, how the baby's room looks, and how I look since having a baby! 
Isn't she just the most cuddly thing ever?!

Ok first the baby gear. I have a little house. It seemed so big all those years ago when I moved in, but the more life happens to me the smaller it seems to get. We use a Puj tub  for Lila right now. When she outgrows that we have this tub for her. Both fold down flat which is awesome! Her tub currently lives behind the bathroom hamper. 
We also are officially in cloth diapers all of the time during the day and Honest diapers  during the night. All of her cloth diaper stuff is next to the toilet.
Chris installed a diaper sprayer next to the toilet 
And we have something that makes spraying a little easier next to the sprayer 
Chris and I installed these tilt forward hinges on our false fronts in the kitchen while I waited to go into labor. That's where our sponges and bottle brushes live now:
This is what the dining room looks like these days. Once Lila starts rolling it'll go back to normal, but during the day it's a changing table and weighing site. 
The dining room hutch now has a free drawer for diapers (my in-laws don't want me to cloth diaper so I keep getting Huggies from them to prevent me from doing it. We're finally through them and onto diapers I believe in more. Want to know why? Here's a great post!) Every night after bath time we put on Lila's night diaper down here before she heads up to bed
This is our room. Lila's basket is close to the bed so I can just grab her in the night. I have a snack and water next to the bed. I had no idea how hungry you get nursing! I also have diapers and wipes for quick night change, a spit up cloth, pillows propped up from her morning feeding, and the bed unmade because seriously I haven't had time for that yet!
The living room hasn't been overtaken much yet. Just her rockaRoo and a baby monitor. The tray is great camouflage. I also have her baby nail clippers in there and usually a headband and spit up cloth. 
This little drying rack is great and usually full of some kind of baby stuff. We also hung up an under cabinet paper towel holder while waiting for Lila to free up more counter space.
Lila's room is about the same except she is already outgrowing newborn and 0-3 clothes so I have a box that I fill whenever she outgrows. I'll fold it all when it's full and file it in the basement. 
And now for the part of the post I'm dreading. This is my body 5 weeks postpartum. There's still a belly which breaks my heart. I just expected everything to be gone after like a week. 
I have to console myself by saying that at least my face is still good? And my hair? But oh man from the shoulders down it's just a different body. 
But just when I was feeling so so so grossed out to even be me I read this GREAT post about how to get an amazing post-baby body:
And I realized that in the pictures below I had just started a workout routine and these were my before pictures:

I have always been too hard on myself and my body. And now it's done it's hardest work ever. It's lived through mono, malaria, MRSA. It's grown a baby and lived through pneumonia during that. It's delivered a baby. I'm proud of it. I'm going to take care of it. I'm going to give it good food and good exercise and be grateful for how much it's already done for me and stop criticizing it:

So that's what's really happening since the little lady got here 5 weeks ago!

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