Friday, January 9, 2015

DIY Wedding Dress Preservation

One thing that's come with prepping for a baby is nesting… I'm really nesting now, but feel like I have been this entire pregnancy. Getting pregnant made me realize it was time to put way my wedding dress and deal with the wedding chaos I'd thrown in the guest closet and tried to forget. 

The first thing I did was pick up this archival garment box at The Container Store. I read all of the reviews about it and they were positive. I also watched a few youtubes of how to do it myself. Here's what I can tell you:

1) Open up your box and line the entire thing with acid-free tissue (I bought extra but this box comes with quite a bit).
2) After lining the box pull out your dress.
3) Isn't it so pretty? Have your dress cleaned if there is any dirt on it.
4) Then lay the train in the box. Stuff the inside of the train with tissue. Lay tissue over the train. Then fold the dress over the tissue, placing the bodice on top. 

5) Stuff the bodice with tissue.
6) Close the box. I tied the box shut with a ribbon. The bed in the guest room is VERY low to the ground. After the dress was packed away I put it up on the closet shelf. 
There you have it! It's very possible to preserve your own dress for a much lower cost than taking it to the dry cleaner!

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