Monday, January 19, 2015

The Home Stretch

I have pneumonia. At 9 months pregnant. I was feeling pretty good about this pregnancy thing until that struck. Now I'm counting the days. Because I'm home sick I'm mass writing blog posts. Right now I have 27 days until my due date. By the time this is published I may have my baby girl though! 

Her bed is ready:
Our bags are packed:
My dad has terrified Chris by giving him a childbirth kit in case we don't make it to the hospital in time (please God no!)
And she looks pretty fully cooked to me!
We've come a long way baby girl!

I know that when I do go into labor I'm going to have a big weep. I'm going to miss her on the inside. I do not love being big. Apparently I've started to waddle. I can't pick things off the floor. I have terrible heartburn as I type this. My maternity clothes are starting to not even fit over my belly and I definitely haven't been able to tie my shoes for at least a month! But… I love waking up and feeling her kick. I love the mystery of trying to figure out what each bump is (a leg maybe?). I love the unknown of wondering what her little face will look like and the kind of person she'll be. I love knowing she is alive. I love that she's safe right now…

 What if her cord wraps around her neck when she is being born and she dies? What if SIDS strikes when she is a month old and she dies? What if she darts into the street or takes a stranger's hand when she is 3 and is kidnapped and dies? What if she drives too fast as a teenager and she dies? What if she lets some bad guy convince her she isn't the most special person ever and finds herself abused? 

I will never not be scared again. Being a mom is the scariest thing I've ever experienced and I'm not even there yet. Every time I've been on a plane with my mom I've laughed at her for how much she has white knuckled her way through the whole thing. She has always said "wait until you're a mom. You'll be scared of everything. I have so much to lose if this plane crashes." Now I get it. It started the second I saw that second pink line. I was scared I would miscarry. I just had to make it to my second trimester. Then I made it and I was scared that she would be born too early to be viable. Then it was that she would be premature and a sick little lady. Now I'm afraid for when she is born. I am forever changed.

My goodness I'm an emotional wreck. I'm so glad to be near the end and can't wait to share my little Lila with you all! Thanks for being with me on the journey!

Friday, January 16, 2015

DIY Christmas Projects

I had a very home spun kind of a Christmas. Last year we gave everyone a bottle of wine or two from Chris's favorite vineyard. It stunk. I wrapped everything and he got mad because the wine I wrapped for each person didn't match their personality. I gave my boss a bottle just to find out he didn't drink, etc. This year I made my own wrapping paper and my own gifts. Much better!

I bought red and black bags and wrapping paper and went nuts with my chalk marker:
 I also ended up using the marker to redo what I'd messily written with old fashioned chalk. 
 So here are the gifts I gave. For the non-drinkers I had candy cane hot chocolate and peppermint bark.
 I bought the jars and black labels at The Container Store. I held everything together with this tape and tied it all together with this twine. 

 For the drinkers I made candy cane vodka and peppermint bark. Then I included a gift card in addition to the edible gifts. 
 I bought the bottles at The Container Store too. Here's how to make Candy Cane Vodka:
- Add a few candy canes to a glass bottle with a hermetic seal
-Cover with vodka. It can be inexpensive, but not so cheap that the flavor overpowers the taste of the candy.
 About an hour later this is what it looks like. By the next day the candy will have completely dissolved and the vodka will be pink. I couldn't taste test it due to baby girl but I've heard some rave reviews!
 I used this recipe to make the peppermint bark. 
 It was delicious and also highly reviewed! 
 I then put it in a jar, used my chalk marker, and tied it off with some twine. Overall I think I knocked this year's gifts out of the park compared to last year's! 
We also got our first live tree this year! I've always wanted my own live tree. I think I only convinced Chris it was worth the hassle because we were away for our first anniversary and I was massively pregnant and gave him those big "please" eyes. We got it in Michigan and prayed our way back to Illinois that it would stay on the roof!
When we made a fresh cut to the bottom I saved the little stump for the tree:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quick Tip: Small No-Sew Changes

I am very opinionated. Big shocker. I had some concerns when I found out about the baby and what kind of random things people would give us. I know I'm so rude. I thought I'd show how to make some things work for you if they're not quite up to your ideals with a couple of basic sewing tools:

I hate collars on little babies. They always fold up onto their little faces and make them angry. Babies get so angry over hiccups and collars. At least this is something I can control! 
Cutting very close to the stitching with a nice, sharp scissor, was the key! So much better right?!
This outfit is cute but was a little too hearty/ruffly for me:
A couple of quick moves with a seam-ripper made this outfit PERFECT! 

So there you have it. A quick tip for the pickiest of moms. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby Infiltration

The baby's room is finished! I thought I'd take you on a much abbreviated tour of how it got there and some details.

This was a shot that wasn't successful from our pregnancy announcement. Here are all 3 pets in front of the window in her room with a Mini-Cooper. 
Just a reminder of where we started. Who would've imagined I'd take the baby girl out of the room just to put it back in!
Here is the room when we started with it. First we cleared everything out but the curtain rods:
About 2 years ago my Grandma downsized. In downsizing she offered her furniture to anyone interested. I offered her $100 for this oak dresser that had been sitting in a guest room knowing that hopefully someday I'd have a baby that would need to put their clothes away. As soon as the room was cleaned out up came the dresser!
I have had this TV stand for several years. It finally retired to the basement to wait too.
Both came upstairs and were given several coats of white paint. We also picked up the Gulliver Crib  and this mattress from Ikea. 
I then pulled this cube (from Ikea a few years ago) down from the room and painted it white in addition to the curtain rods and rings. Aside from the crib & mattress our expenses for this room only included fabric and paint so it was pretty minimal. 
I bought this rug on super-sale from West Elm after crossing my fingers it would look as great in the room as it did online. If you need a tiny one you can get it here since the bigger ones are all gone. 
I also got several little prints that you'll see around my nursery. My favorite (probably because it traveled from Russia to get to us) is this really pretty floral animal ABC print from this Etsy shop
I also picked up this arrow fabric and jungle flower fabric from to make curtains, pillows, and a basket liner:
I then picked up letters to spell out her initials and some pink burlap paper from Michaels. 
Ready to see the room? Let's start in her closet. It's cozy, but perfect. Yes… Those are little shoe boxes lined up on the shelves! 
Here is the room itself:
Curious what LRC stands for? The little lady's name is Lila Rian Cooper! Oh man I love typing it out. I can't wait to meet her! 

Anyway… The bins are from The Container Store. I wanted bigger ones on the bottom but the only source of heat for the room is right behind the books. I didn't want to block that off obviously! The Katie Daisy Joy print has been mine for several years now and fits in just right here! I also had to feature her Mini-Cooper since that's where it all started! The two frames on the table top are gifts. One from a cousin that held all of her baby's pictures and the other is a framed copy of the baby shower invite. The bottom bin is full of stuffed animals
The bins have blankets and toys:
Here is the overall shot. The L says "L is for Lila" in flowers from Etsy. The rocking elephant was found for $5 by my mom at Once Upon a Child (I LOVE that store)!
The picture on the right is of butterflies from Ikea
I adore reading and I want Lila to too. I asked for tons and tons of books for the baby shower and everyone really came through! I love her reading area in the dormer. 

The bird cage held our cards at our wedding. We also have a white noise machine up there, a camera so we can keep an eye on her, and an Angel Care Movement Monitor stashed throughout the room to keep her calm, monitored, and happy!

One of my favorite things in the room is the quiet book my mom made for her. It has all kinds of top secret little things like lipstick in the purse:
Counting with these beads (I remember counting with beads from my quiet book when I was tiny!)
And the mail box that opens up to show a letter that then opens up to tell her that she is loved :)
She also made her the adorable quilt at the foot of the bed:
With my favorite part:
We also have her bed double sheeted. I read the trick somewhere to put down a waterproof liner & sheet down topped with another waterproof liner and sheet. That way when there is an accident in the night you pull off the top layer and don't have to deliriously make a bed when you're half asleep. The sheets and changing pad cover are by Aden and Anais:

Sigh… I love this room :)
Here are a few more details:
-We will be cloth diapering as soon as she outgrows newborn disposables. We have a stash of 16 Bumgenius Freetime that should last through Lila and lots of future little people. The green container to the right holds flannel wipes made from old receiving blankets. We'll start using those with the cloth diapers so that we don't need a separate trash can for wipes. Not shown (because it's arriving tomorrow) is our diaper pail. I chose it because you can use disposable bags or waterproof bags in it so it'll work for both kinds of diapers. It's also hard to see, but playing a major part in the order of the drawers are these drawer dividers. 
Each drawer holds different age groupings. Here is her newborn/0-3 month drawer. I love the cute little drawer organizers!
We also have a pink moses basket with rocking stand that's currently hanging out in her room. That'll be next to our bed for the first little bit when she is extra tiny. 
We also have more evidence of this coming life change on the way into the basement… So strange! 
And most noticeably- She also has a comfy seat in the living room!
We are down to DAYS now until we meet her! While you're a silent blog reader most of the time I know you're there. Please keep us and our little Lila in your thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to meet her and just want her in that adorable room safe and sound!
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