Thursday, November 20, 2014

More Closet Related Nesting

The nesting continues. I'm now into my third trimester and getting increasingly impatient to meet my girl! This has created some urgency to get every single little project done ASAP! Recently I tackled the pantry and the laundry closet. Both were fine with Rubbermaid shelves. But here's the thing about Rubbermaid shelves. They're screwed/nailed in at tons and tons of points on the wall. Which means that if you put a large amount of stuff on one part of the shelf that there is a lot of pressure on that specific part of the wall. The chances of me hearing a big crash in the night went way up. I also thought my shelves were spaced too far apart.  The can shelf was beginning to sag and the whole thing just spelled soon-to-be-disaster.
So just to remind you this was my 4 shelf-before:
So I decided to go with elfa again since I know that it's strong, helps brace weight evenly across the whole wall, and is adjustable so I could add or remove shelves as needed. (I installed this a week before Harry died so realize we didn't get a lookalike dog, it's our Harry boy). 
This pregnancy thing is getting serious:
As I grow I have to relinquish control of some things. I "let" (or begged) Chris to take all of the food/detergent out of the closets and to unhang the shelves. 

No easy job. Seriously people… think before you kill your walls! 

(This is my only before picture of the laundry room with a shelf)
Here it is after everything was out. 
First I did the not fun part of patching and painting. It was fun to do the laundry closet because I could see what was happening on the other end of the drywall as I worked. You can see all of the old anchor holes from the old shelves near the bottom of the handlebars of the bike and the new anchors holding up the top track toward the top of the picture:
Here is the after! 
This space is SO much more functional! I have shelf space to spare! The detergent and basket were overflowing the previous shelf. The bulk goods and lightbulbs lived in a very packed space before and were relocated here based on all of the room I gained:
I used another door and wall rack like I used for my shoes in this post to hold my iron, and random other laundry supplies. 
I think my favorite part of the space is that every single inch is used. Look at how perfectly the washer lid clears the shelves!

This area to the left has room for me to settle in to. I'm thinking about adding a clothes rod under the far left shelves for the random things I may hang dry. I used to use an ironing board hook and just found it got in my way. I also can't come up with a better solution for the trash can and need something small for lint and stuff so that's staying. Isn't it great?!
The hounds were very happy when I came back upstairs to finish my freshly painted pantry:
I won't bore you with progress shots. Here is my 5 shelf pantry that definitely has room for a 6th if I want it.
I've had the door and wall rack here for a long time. It's still going strong. The little drawer unit at the bottom was bought for under a cabinet that I mis-measured. It works perfect for K-Cups, baking mixes, and all kinds of other non-perishable stuff. 
I love how bright and light it looks. I only added liners to a few of the shelves… I think I'll add them to all of them though. I love the look of them and how easy they are to wipe clean. 

I zoned off the pantry into sections so everything has a home:
-The top of the pantry is infrequently used items and duplicates. 
-The high shelf is cans, pasta, and other things that require prep and we wouldn't need to access as regularly as what's below.
-The eye level shelf is what we use daily. Breakfast is on the left and quick dinner stuff is on the right. 
-The shelf basket below it is my favorite thing in the world. I have one holding detergent in the laundry closet and I'll zoom on the one below in a further down picture. That has all of our lunch and snack stuff that we'd want to access in a hurry.
-The bottom shelf is baking stuff. It's nice and low because flour and sugar can be a little heavier so it's nice to work a little less when grabbing them.
-Big stuff is on the floor like the pet food containers. 
Here is the promised close-up of the shelf basket. we have a salty, sweet, and lunches section. 

I was also able to tuck some tool hangers to the far right to hold a couple of brooms and aprons. 
Amazing huh? I promptly collapsed and lost my ability to walk for the rest of the day. This will be my last super-physical project I'll take on until she is born. 

Maybe just to someone in their third trimester that loves organization, but I'm feeling such relief that one more thing is out of the way! 

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