Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trimester 2

I'm a little past halfway to meeting my baby girl and so excited! She has a name! She has a room! She has a baby registry full of fun! And I look pregnant. Holy cow I look pregnant:
August 29.

 This was me less than 2 months before that:
July 9

Here is a sneak peak of the baby's room theme. It'll will be animals and flowers. I adore this fabric I got. Harry was a little less enthusiastic about it and me making curtains:
 My major craving has been cookie dough. Unfortunately that's on the no list because of raw eggs. Chris was buying cookie dough ice cream that I would promptly fish the cookie dough out of like a bloodhound leaving Chris with plain old ice cream to finish. I finally found this recipe which has brought me so much joy! Harry too!  He is digging this pregnancy eating thing!
 This little girl has so many clothes already! I've been loving organizing a whole new space and all of these tiny clothes in these adorable drawer organizers 
 I of course think everything is a big thing in this room and have been obsessed with only finding the most perfect things to fill the space. I loved this ABC floral animals print that I found on Etsy and ordered it right away:
 Little did I know that it was coming from Russia! Now the baby as all kinds of culture in her room and the seller is super sweet and pregnant herself :)
So here we are a few days ago.. 
I can now feel her kicking like crazy and can tell the difference between a kick and a flip. I give 2 thumbs up to the second trimester. I don't sleep as well and have crazy dreams, but otherwise I feel just like my old self and am small enough to not be uncomfortable yet. 

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