Friday, September 26, 2014

Trimester 1

I'm well past my first trimester and thought it was finally time to write about it. As far as first trimesters, and pregnancies as a whole so far mine has been good and easy. But I'm a big googler. I have constant questions and google has provided me with near constant answers! Read along for my favorite sites, etc. 

Here I am oblivious to my pregnancy. This day was a few weeks into me going back onto the low-carb diet that was super successful pre-wedding for me. I fell off the wagon big time and finally was back on. Then my husband suggested a cheat day. We did that. Shortly after this picture I had to go inside and lay down because I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I felt invaded by an alien, nauseated, jittery, and just plain not me. I blamed the sugar… Which probably had something to do with it. But I was also pregnant. 
Harry spooned with me for a few days and I convinced myself I was just a bad dieter and I was paying the price:
When I walked in from work, threw off my clothes and threw on a terrycloth robe, grabbed the dog (he spoons like you wouldn't believe!), and passed out in bed at 7:00 pm. Chris began betting me money that I was pregnant. That was the absolute, unforgettable, worst part of Trimester 1. I was so so so so tired. I also was moving my store from one location to another and going through the new location's grand opening. This led to wayyyyy too many 18 hour days, me unloading a semi truck full of shipment, and dodging glasses of wine and champaign toasts at corporate dinners. I was plain old tired and keeping my secret was tiring. I finally told my boss and everyone the Monday after grand opening weekend and was promptly scolded for all of the bad activities I'd taken part in. 
I felt nauseated a little bit but only got sick one time. Morning sickness scared me more than the idea of labor. I couldn't imagine keeping my pregnancy a secret at work but throwing up all the time. Aside from packing saltines in pockets of my work bag, in my car, and everywhere else imaginable I was ok! Salty potato chips really helped me too. I mostly just hated the smell of everything Chris likes to eat. Hot peppers, sushi, and everything fish related was not allowed for several months. 
I also was bloated. I felt massive pretty much right away and like my body was super puffy. That feeling is clearly not going down!

I began reading everything I could get my hands on! Look at how haggard and pathetic pregnant lady on the left is compared to modern pregnant lady on the right! I've gotta say now I feel like miss green shirt, but during trimester 1 I felt like pink dress all the way!
I also had 3 favorite websites that I visited (the last 2 I still do) religiously: 

1) This link to a miscarriage calculator. I know it sounds super morbid. But, I love this baby. I've loved her since I found out she was there but I also held onto her loosely just expecting that she, like so many babies I've known about wouldn't make it. Every day I didn't see signs of miscarriage made me hold onto her a little tighter. I still remember texting my mom saying "today we're down to 22%!" This calculator was the opposite of morbid for me and brought me hope. 

2) Click the picture below for my second favorite. I love pictures of how big my girl is. I have never marveled at how amazing the human body and life itself is like I have now that I carry it. I love clicking on the week and seeing all of the new things that it brings. Those little fingers below belong to an 8 week old little baby:
 3) With all the "What to Expect When" out there I wanted something that told it to me straight but had some humor. I whipped through Jenny McCarthy's Belly laughs. It was funny but not super informative and not even as funny as I thought it would be. This website has something new for each week and is just plain enjoyable to read:

So there you have it. My long overdue thoughts on the first trimester!

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