Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Making Room For The Lady

There's been some moving around here… This was my view across the hall a few months ago… The little lady's room is actually done already! I'm just not ready to reveal it yet!

With the baby being across the hall that put a big switch in motion, moving the office out. 
So here is a refresh of the stuff in the now baby's room:
-File cabinet
-Desk Chair
 -Bookcase thing
So let' start with the chair. It now lives in the living room with the imitation Eames Rocker up in the baby's room
 I don't know about the curves compared to the straight lines of the couch. But it works for now and gave me a free rocker for the baby's room!
The bookcase thing lives down in the basement toward the bottom of the stairs:
 This is the view on the way down. The "C" was our wedding guest book. 
 Around the corner is now the "gym" and my office area:
 This was my office area before. The sewing table was closer to the corner and only the bookcase lived in the corner:
The chalkboard went up on the wall:
It's still a little crowded for my taste… But it's a work in progress:
Now I need to keep my stuff stashed and organized like I never had to before. I added chalkboard tags to the bins to help keep things sorted:
I sold the black bookshelf at a garage sale I held a few weeks ago and merged all of our books on the white bookcase. 

 The sewing table and office are nicely divided but adjacent to Chris's TV space. I have a feeling that this will be our hiding spot once we have a baby upstairs asleep when we want to watch loud movies in surround sound. Poor Chris only has a limited time before I fully takeover the basement again!

 I have actually been sewing (more on that in another post)! I have tons of fabric stashed in the bins below: 
 And sewing supplies stashed in the linen bins:
 Here's the view from the other side:

 So, that's how the little lady shifted our whole house around for the better! 

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