Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tattoos, Drinking, & Reget

Quite the title huh? Sorry about the absence by the way. Perhaps by the end of this post it'll make more sense. 

My brothers all wanted us to get a family tattoo. I was up in the air about if I was actually in, but knew if I were to get one I wanted it to mean something other than "I like butterflies." I also knew I wanted it to be pretty small. We went back and forth about designs. My 2 brothers road tripped it to North Carolina to see my third brother and sent me a picture of this:
It's morse code for the letter "B" which was my maiden name. It was pretty cool but HUGE. Then I found out my brother would be in for his annual visit from North Carolina. It was time for me to decide if I had the nerve. I was feeling a little funky like I was getting sick but sucked it up and made it happen (it's that eensy thing on my wrist):

 We went to the bar "Three Dots and a Dash" in the city where it turned out my parents had gotten the tattoo too! It was really sweet that we all will be connected this way forever!

 I almost didn't go because 3 days later I was now sure that I wasn't getting sick but I was sick. I thought "maybe I'm pregnant" but took one of those digital tests that clearly said NOT PREGNANT. I see my brother once a year so not pregnant but definitely sick I rallied. We got some big fruity drink that tasted funky so this was one of my only sips. The drink I ordered for myself tasted like black licorice and that grossed me out too:
 But it was worth the tattoo and feeling funky for this. I love and adore the men in my life:
A few days later I couldn't take it anymore and took another test. The faintest line said it all:

Fortunately tattoos and sips of drinks didn't mess anything up and our little baby is safe and healthy! Crazy right?!?! We're going to be a legitimate family! 

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