Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nesting in the Closet

I love an excuse for organization and this incoming little lady has given me the ultimate excuse.

The little closet at the top of the stairs has been undergoing makeovers for awhile now and most recently got elfaized and was Chris's closet:
My office will be Baby Girl's room, which doesn't have a closet. Meaning that the closet at the top of the stairs is the closet for that room. This is a picture from before I moved in to show proximity:
 That meant that Chris's stuff had to go again… We were about to share the little closet in my room. That meant the single rod in my closet wasn't going to work and it was time to add some elfa there too. This started a whole cycle of clothes being everywhere.

So as a reminder this was the before:
 It was working well. I needed to get rid of stuff. But the drawers also had to go so Chris's longer stuff wouldn't drag.
 This was the terrifying during:
 And the piece that was holding the whole closet together. High tech huh?

 And here is the after. I couldn't pry the hook out of the ceiling so it's staying for now. I love the white and walnut in there- It matches the room perfectly!
 And here is the it-doesn't-photograph-as-beautiful-as-it-looks-in-real-life after.
Part of the process was switching everything out to have a consistent skinny hanger. Buy buy wire and plastic hangers!

 And here the after of baby's closet:

So now that the upstairs was settled it was time to deal with some linens. The linen closet has never been perfect. The shelves were spaced way too far apart and I had leaning towers of towels all the time. I finally gutted it:
 Only to discover only two of the shelves were caulked in there 
 That's caulk! So I pulled out my crowbar! 
 Seriously I was a very busy lady my first trimester!
 Unfortunately it tore up the walls. So my quick shelf swap required demolition, patching, and painting before I could hang anything. Safety first! I actually wore a mask to paint… I like this baby!
 Here is the pre-stuff after shot!
Working our way from the top of the house down- Baby Girl also displaced the office down to the basement:
The day I got my tattoo I also gutted the storage room in the basement. Ugh it was so embarrassingly bad:

 A lot of the issue was these stationary height cheepy plastic shelves didn't give me the flexibility I needed. 
 I bought InterMetro shelves that hold lots of weight and are really flexible to replace the plastic guys:

Haven't I been busy?! We just held a garage sale to get rid of all of the extra stuff and we're working on bringing order to this place! 

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