Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DIY Bird Mobile

I was off work last week. Since I hit my second trimester I feel amazing and full of energy! I'm trying to get everything done before I'm big and tired. So I painted the baby's room, held a garage sale, and did a couple of little projects. This is one.

I wanted a mobile for over the baby's crib and found tons and tons that I loved on Etsy, Pinterest, etc. The problem with the ones I loved was that they were between $65 and $300 and that didn't quite work for me! If you Google "birds on sticks baby mobile" you'll get an idea about the vision I was going for. So I thought that I'd at least try to make my own. If you're looking for an inexpensive mobile this is the way to go! Here's what you need to do it:

-I got some sticks that were laying in my yard. ($0)
-I had some birds with feather tail Christmas ornaments I'd gotten at the dollar store years ago. I think they were 3/$1. Linus has since batted most off of the tree and chased them around the house- leading to their fluffy tails losing their fluff. I had 7 in a storage bin. ($0)
-I had some fishing line also tucked away ($0)
-I needed small screw eyes ($3.99 at Ace)
-Hot glue ($0)

Once I got everything together I de-fluffed my birds by chopping off their tail feathers. I also got rid of the ornament string. 
Here they are reporting for duty
Then I grabbed a 1/16 drill bit and got to work on my sticks
After putting a little hole in the stick just screw your screw eye in there and it's good to go!
Unfortunately, I can't find my glue gun so the birds went in a box while I waited to borrow my mom's:
While I waited I strung up my sticks though. I had to put them a lot closer together than I'd imagine you typically would based on the height of the sloped ceiling over Baby Girl's bed:
A few days later I glued the birds on there and they're ready to be stared at from below!

 So that is how I made a $3.99 mobile for my baby girl!

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