Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DIY Bird Mobile

I was off work last week. Since I hit my second trimester I feel amazing and full of energy! I'm trying to get everything done before I'm big and tired. So I painted the baby's room, held a garage sale, and did a couple of little projects. This is one.

I wanted a mobile for over the baby's crib and found tons and tons that I loved on Etsy, Pinterest, etc. The problem with the ones I loved was that they were between $65 and $300 and that didn't quite work for me! If you Google "birds on sticks baby mobile" you'll get an idea about the vision I was going for. So I thought that I'd at least try to make my own. If you're looking for an inexpensive mobile this is the way to go! Here's what you need to do it:

-I got some sticks that were laying in my yard. ($0)
-I had some birds with feather tail Christmas ornaments I'd gotten at the dollar store years ago. I think they were 3/$1. Linus has since batted most off of the tree and chased them around the house- leading to their fluffy tails losing their fluff. I had 7 in a storage bin. ($0)
-I had some fishing line also tucked away ($0)
-I needed small screw eyes ($3.99 at Ace)
-Hot glue ($0)

Once I got everything together I de-fluffed my birds by chopping off their tail feathers. I also got rid of the ornament string. 
Here they are reporting for duty
Then I grabbed a 1/16 drill bit and got to work on my sticks
After putting a little hole in the stick just screw your screw eye in there and it's good to go!
Unfortunately, I can't find my glue gun so the birds went in a box while I waited to borrow my mom's:
While I waited I strung up my sticks though. I had to put them a lot closer together than I'd imagine you typically would based on the height of the sloped ceiling over Baby Girl's bed:
A few days later I glued the birds on there and they're ready to be stared at from below!

 So that is how I made a $3.99 mobile for my baby girl!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nesting in the Closet

I love an excuse for organization and this incoming little lady has given me the ultimate excuse.

The little closet at the top of the stairs has been undergoing makeovers for awhile now and most recently got elfaized and was Chris's closet:
My office will be Baby Girl's room, which doesn't have a closet. Meaning that the closet at the top of the stairs is the closet for that room. This is a picture from before I moved in to show proximity:
 That meant that Chris's stuff had to go again… We were about to share the little closet in my room. That meant the single rod in my closet wasn't going to work and it was time to add some elfa there too. This started a whole cycle of clothes being everywhere.

So as a reminder this was the before:
 It was working well. I needed to get rid of stuff. But the drawers also had to go so Chris's longer stuff wouldn't drag.
 This was the terrifying during:
 And the piece that was holding the whole closet together. High tech huh?

 And here is the after. I couldn't pry the hook out of the ceiling so it's staying for now. I love the white and walnut in there- It matches the room perfectly!
 And here is the it-doesn't-photograph-as-beautiful-as-it-looks-in-real-life after.
Part of the process was switching everything out to have a consistent skinny hanger. Buy buy wire and plastic hangers!

 And here the after of baby's closet:

So now that the upstairs was settled it was time to deal with some linens. The linen closet has never been perfect. The shelves were spaced way too far apart and I had leaning towers of towels all the time. I finally gutted it:
 Only to discover only two of the shelves were caulked in there 
 That's caulk! So I pulled out my crowbar! 
 Seriously I was a very busy lady my first trimester!
 Unfortunately it tore up the walls. So my quick shelf swap required demolition, patching, and painting before I could hang anything. Safety first! I actually wore a mask to paint… I like this baby!
 Here is the pre-stuff after shot!
Working our way from the top of the house down- Baby Girl also displaced the office down to the basement:
The day I got my tattoo I also gutted the storage room in the basement. Ugh it was so embarrassingly bad:

 A lot of the issue was these stationary height cheepy plastic shelves didn't give me the flexibility I needed. 
 I bought InterMetro shelves that hold lots of weight and are really flexible to replace the plastic guys:

Haven't I been busy?! We just held a garage sale to get rid of all of the extra stuff and we're working on bringing order to this place! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mini Cooper

My last post let you know that we are expecting a baby! I can't begin to explain how crazy excited I am! I was pretty sure I knew I was pregnant right away. I didn't really understand how pregnancy works though. I didn't know you're "pregnant" two weeks before you're actually pregnant. And you really have to wait about two more weeks after you are really pregnant before you can take a test. I also didn't understand that all tests are not created equal. Those digital tests are SO rude! They should say "sorry not this time" or something less bold than NOT Pregnant. I took two of those digital tests that misled me to think I could get tattooed and drink (a tiny tiny bit one time if you didn't read my last post- and the baby is COMPLETELY healthy). Finally I got a First Response and put it away and told myself to wait a few days before I took another. 

I made it one day before I took another test and was in complete shock even though I was sure I was pregnant. I had to leave for work 15 minutes later and lead training all day. As soon as I got home I took another test because the line was just so faint. I really couldn't believe it still! 
 Chris had bet me $10 that I was. Even so I couldn't believe it. I kept on taking tests
 And kept on taking them...
 Finally I went to the doctor and confirmed it. About a week after I got my first positive test I told my parents

 Even so I kept expecting to lose the baby. When you're one of the last of your friends to have a baby you hear lots about losing babies. When you read mommy blogs you hear of 3 year olds with cancer, friends from college delivering stillborn babies, or getting a call from the baby sitter that their baby stopped breathing and isn't alive anymore. Between knowing lots of people that can't get pregnant and people and family that lose babies I expected that to be me. I kept waiting for it to be me. I didn't expect to quickly get pregnant and I didn't expect my baby to live- Strangely enough this created guilt for me to be so lucky.

14 weeks later and the baby is still here and getting bigger! 

We told my brothers all at once on my brother Jonathan's birthday:

 Then I tried to get the pets to pose with a Mini Cooper which was quite unsuccessful:
 And here is how we shared with the world:
Here is when I thought I was really "showing":
 Harry is really excited to not be the youngest for much longer:
 And we found out we're having a baby girl!!
And now I'm really really showing:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tattoos, Drinking, & Reget

Quite the title huh? Sorry about the absence by the way. Perhaps by the end of this post it'll make more sense. 

My brothers all wanted us to get a family tattoo. I was up in the air about if I was actually in, but knew if I were to get one I wanted it to mean something other than "I like butterflies." I also knew I wanted it to be pretty small. We went back and forth about designs. My 2 brothers road tripped it to North Carolina to see my third brother and sent me a picture of this:
It's morse code for the letter "B" which was my maiden name. It was pretty cool but HUGE. Then I found out my brother would be in for his annual visit from North Carolina. It was time for me to decide if I had the nerve. I was feeling a little funky like I was getting sick but sucked it up and made it happen (it's that eensy thing on my wrist):

 We went to the bar "Three Dots and a Dash" in the city where it turned out my parents had gotten the tattoo too! It was really sweet that we all will be connected this way forever!

 I almost didn't go because 3 days later I was now sure that I wasn't getting sick but I was sick. I thought "maybe I'm pregnant" but took one of those digital tests that clearly said NOT PREGNANT. I see my brother once a year so not pregnant but definitely sick I rallied. We got some big fruity drink that tasted funky so this was one of my only sips. The drink I ordered for myself tasted like black licorice and that grossed me out too:
 But it was worth the tattoo and feeling funky for this. I love and adore the men in my life:
A few days later I couldn't take it anymore and took another test. The faintest line said it all:

Fortunately tattoos and sips of drinks didn't mess anything up and our little baby is safe and healthy! Crazy right?!?! We're going to be a legitimate family! 
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