Monday, May 5, 2014

Not So Cookie Cutter

A house down the street from mine is for sale. Naturally I went creeping on Zillow to see how much they were selling it for and what it looks like on the inside. There are about 8 houses on my long street that are cookie cutter images of mine that each person has put their own stamp on. I knew mine had an addition put on the kitchen and bathroom. This was such a cool way to see what else the previous homeowners did to set my house apart. Enjoy the journey!

I love the red! I'm the only one of the cookie cutters red doors, shutters, and a fence! They have me beat with landscaping though!

Holy cow right? 
My window turned into a door when they added the screened porch. The doorway to the hallway is a little wider too. Total win for my house.
I hope the new home owner rips up the carpet so they can have hardwoods too
It looks like the overhead light fixture was added when things were being reworked in here. We both had similar ideas on furniture and TV placement!

They win for less-deadly stairs, although mine win for prettiness! It's funny how we both did stripes. The widened doorway is more apparent here too:
Here is their kitchen. You can tell where my original kitchen ended. I got SO lucky!
I think we may have the same counter tops
It's funny because where their stove is is where my dad and I found an old gas line when he was moving the cabinets:
It looks like they scooted the stove over with the addition:
They seem to have found the hardwoods in the kitchen and dining room. My tile got slapped over mine I think since there is a little step-up on the way in:
They widened the doorway during construction here too:

The dining room is exactly the same, minus the chair rail. 
I got so much more counter space in the bathroom with the addition! My sink goes to where the tub touches the wall:

Here's where things are not at all apples to apples. They too have a finished basement. Holy hot tub right? Their bathroom is much wider than mine is. That window is on the other side of my bathroom wall in the unfinished furnace room:

The basement has less crazy angles than mine has. My homeowners built around things in the basement rather than moving them
But mine has a better ceiling:
It seems like they don't have back dormers at this house. I'm not sure if either room has a closet upstairs. I can't see one. 
This room seems a little bigger and I think is mine. There should be an attic door behind their bed too:
Their pink is the same as mine! 
Remind me to never try to cram a bed in there! Ugh this place has so much carpet!
Their master is my guest room. Again, I'm so glad I chose the upstairs room, although mine may be a little bigger because of dormers?

Crazy huh? It's like going back in time to my house pre-work. Some of the crazy construction methods the previous homeowners used here are head scratchers, but I'll give them this. They understood how to open up the space and made some great decisions about layout! 

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