Monday, March 3, 2014

Not Tacky Sports Stuff and Other Fun Projects

Most people that know me know that I am not a sports enthusiast. While sports are all fine and good and I can sit through a live game and have a great time- watching sports, buying sports apparel, decorating with sports logos, etc is NOT for me. Naturally I married someone that disagrees with that and is especially into college football. He LOVES Texas A&M and wanted some big, ugly, A&M rug or to pay $30 a pillow for pillows or a throw blanket. I was trying to find a way to blend that in in a way that didn't offend my eyes. You may have noticed this in the previous basement reveal:

My sewing machine and I have bonded lately. Chris is the worst at receiving gifts. Whatever I give him he asks me to return before even opening it. I wanted to give him SOMETHING for Valentine's Day but didn't want it to just lay there. I decided to make a stencil and paint a logo on some fabric to make a pillow for the couch. Here's how to do it if you like it, or don't like sports like me and want to compromise!

I printed out a picture I liked from Google:
 I bought a piece of thin foam and placed that under the picture I printed off. I then used my exacto knife to cut the shape into the foam:

I realized that the letters would look a little less precise than I wanted, but that I could probably touch them off after that: 
 I then laid out my fabric with a piece of newspaper under it:
 Then I taped my stencil down and grabbed a stencil brush and some paint:
 Holding the little letters on was a messy pain, but painting overall was very easy and fast!
 This was it after I removed the stencil. The letters definitely needed a little love, but overall I really liked the unevenness of the paint and how it looked a little distressed:
 After filling the letters in with white paint this is the finished product:

 I was having a crafty afternoon! I whipped up a quick shadow box with all of the cat and dog's tags from our old addresses. I think it turned out so cute!
 I was also so good at tracing states that I thought I could whip up a quick Illinois that showed some Chicago love:
So there we have it! A manly (without spending a ton for something dumb and commercial) pillow!

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